Good employee pay???

Discussion in 'Industry Surveys & Polls' started by vanncann, Dec 10, 2015.

  1. AI Inc

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    Laborer with no wheels and no experience gets $12

    Apprentice gets $15 and a company truck.

    Service tech gets $23.50 a paid vaca and a company truck.
  2. LunaLanscaping

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    I started off at 15 hour working for my father, that was with no drivers license and off the books.
    I dont think i meet anyone making more then 15 hour, not even as crew leaders.

    This is on the sudbury mass area.
  3. TPendagast

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    yea, but that's working for dad so....

    I Paid 15/hr to solo operators in 2001-2003 (Connecticut)
    They some times "overlapped" routes for bigger things like sports complexes.

    They had a route, they got paid 40/hrs a week regardless of how fast they finished the route... as long as it was done and no call backs... a typical season route was 32-35 hours (40+ in wet spring/fall)
    So if they did what they were supposed to, they only worked 4 days a week and got paid 40 hrs.

    I paid OT if they went over.
    Some times Id give bonuses AS OT that wasn't worked. (Ie they only works 35 hours but I threw in 6 OT as a bonus)

    That was over a decade ago in the NE... I know for a fact guys are pulling 17/18 per hour in that area now.
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  4. LunaLanscaping

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    Yeah, i did work for my dad, but if i can find someone even close to reliable as i was, i would pay those 17/18 hour, even for someone that would just do a decent job with the blowers and knows how to mow a lawn. It's really hard finding workers these days, my dad and uncle had MANY problems finding people that do decent work.

    That why i bought a hurricane x3, it does the same work as a another person without giving out a paycheck. I rather invest in better equipment then hire a lazy worker. Once i can't upgrade more, i'll have to start looking for someone reliable..
  5. RedSox4Life

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    Lol dammit, I started off working for my father for $5 an hour.

    JLSLLC LawnSite Fanatic
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    Do you do irrigation or spray? Just Mowing would be tough, but That sounds sweet, hope it pays you back well from good workers!!! Keep it coming guys I need to get a good guy and get out of the truck, but That's another thread!
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  7. AI Inc

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    Just irrigation

    JLSLLC LawnSite Fanatic
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    Nice, much respect to you and your company. Hope to be there one day
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  9. cutshortlandscaping

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    basic guy get $10 and hour after tax and manager, foreman, crew leader, and techs get $15 hour and for plowing driver gets $10 - $20 per drive way and shoveler gets same hourly pay as usual the driver usually makes quite a bit more money in a few hours compared to the other seasons
  10. iand

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    Where I'm from weaties is spelled correctly and spelled is spelt incorrectly :laugh: but either way i wouldn't want you pi$$ing in my breakfast cereal :laugh:

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