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    First let me Ask does anyone know of a good book or guide i can purchase to help look for best qualities in employees?

    So is it someones personality that makes them a good worker or the pay they receive?

    I would like to attract better workers but am not sure how to do this.

    My 2 main focuses next year is a Mowing Crew Leader and Detail Crew Leader as i won't have time to mow or other landscape maintenance at all next year and would gladly pay $13+/hour for someone that could get the work done and do a good job. I would only have time to check on these guys.
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    A liitle of both. Work ethic is one to but you can only determine that after you hire them for awhile. And sometimes you just get lucky, and find the people. There really is no exact, or easy answer. Good luck I hope you can find help that works out for you.
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    Attracting better employees with pay just becomes a bidding war to the point where you aren’t making any money and the employees feel like they are in charge because they will threaten to split over the smallest raise issues.

    It’s about company culture
    You need to make your company a good place to work

    Starting with your attitude and personality is one,
    But that’s not it.

    Try reading become a destination company (for the landscape industry) by Jeffrey Scott
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  5. OP

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    Much appreciated. Looking to become a place where it’s possible to have a career and not a summer job or something because they can’t find better work elsewhere. Got a long way to go! Thank you

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    Anyone that is reliable and can put up with this work full time is worth more than $13 hr esp a crew leader. I don’t think I could even find anyone to even apply at that pay - but I’m in CT it’s high cost of living.
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    $13 is minimum wage here on July 1. Currently it's at $12.

    Be tough to find anyone here at that price too.
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    Imo most jobs are 10 to 30% low on pay

    Wages are going up the green biz is pulling from the same labor pool as construction and entry level jobs that are paying better atmpayup
  9. TPendagast

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    Trouble is, education level, work ethic and basic human understanding of daily life is not going up.

    It’s hard to find someone who can even put their name on their time sheet , let alone fill one out reliably

    Understand maybe you don’t ask for a raise after missing two days of work and showing up 30 minutes late that day.

    “ I need more money” ... right see I need you to show up to work
    If you work every day during the week, you’ve got more money
    If you get a dollar more an hour that’s only $8 a day more
    If you show up half an hour late... you’ve lost $8 In pay, do you understand that?

    Nope.... deeer in the headlights

    These are people that should get 18-20?
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    It's all relative to area and supply and demand more entry level jobs at higher paypayup

    Entry level landscape jobs going to have to pay more to get anyone in the door:help:

    Foreman and crew leaders are smart enough to go to other trades for more pay and year round work so landscaping is going to have to pay more to get skilled and or qualified people

    I've already seen on jobs that advertise the pay in my area have gone up at least 20%Thumbs Up
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