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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Downunder Bob, Nov 29, 2004.

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    In the time I've spent on Lawn-site, I've found there's one thing you guys stress and that's Dealer, Manufacturer support.

    On the 28th of October I posted a thread ("How would this make you feel"). To cut a long story short there was a mix-up getting my Mini-Z out of the U.S. When the container arrived my mower wasn't in it. After waiting nearly three months I was not impressed.

    Anyway that's all in the past now cause as of last week I'm glad to say I have my mower. I cannot thank Hustler and my Dealer (Hewlett) enough for their understanding and quick response in resolving the problem.

    In these days of chasing the dollar, it's comforting to know there are still Companies out there that give that personalized service we were so used to.
  2. cward

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    Glad you finally got your mower. There is nothing worse than ordering something and having to wait. How do you like your Hustler? Personally, I have to agree, dealer support is very important. In some instances it could make or break you if something went wrong. If one of my mowers broke down and I were to go days or weeks without my equipment, I could be out of business. My dealer will give me a loaner on any commercial piece of equipment I bought from him while mine is being worked on. I couldn't ask for anything more. He has my business and loyalty. If my Gravely dealer switched to selling rubber-dogs##t brand of mowers, I would go right along with him. He is awesome.

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