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    Finding good help seems sooooooo hard. I have tried paying as much as $15.00/hr and it seems like as much as people say they want to work.... they just don't. I understand that its hard to find quality with a work ethic like my own as the owner... but come on!! As the business has grown, the need for expanding the employee list is growing and its pretty scary thinking about spring just around the corner. Any new ideas about finding good help? What seems like a good wage for a good worker in the lawncare/landscaping business these days?

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    You just have to keep looking until you find a good one. It's hard, but you'll find someone. I'm nervous as hell for this season...I finally found someone good and unfortunately it looks like he might get deployed mid spring. I hope not for his sake. So I'm just going to have to keep on the lookout at least for a temporary helper until he gets back. Good luck this season.
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    I have beat this issue to death my friend. I agree it is really difficult to find good help. Some on here will say it is your fault because of this and that. I'm with you though. IMO, it doesn't matter what you pay them. It doesn't matter if you pay for lunches, bend over backwards to make them happy, train them properly, or any thing else for that matter. Bottom line...The problem is the pool of applicants are not the most desirable in this line of work. You just stir up the old pot and hope that something decent floats to the top. Now, with the economy the way it is, our odds of finding a good employee has increased. The only problem is these "good employees" will not stay long at all. They will look at it like they are getting a little money until they find something better. Do you blame them?
    Now I realize their are a few odd cases out there where a LCO has great help. But, they are few and far between.
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    yep, cuz the best ones own a lawn business!:laugh::cool2::cool2:(no offense was intended):)
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    We use H2B but too complicated and costly for small company. If Obama goes through with giving out the work permits it would change everything. You would see a lot more movement from southwest going north. CNN reported that a high percentage of young people won't work. I personally think it is not possible to teach a person over 21 how to get a good work ethic. And this new stimulus packages that include more unemployment pay for part time guys and longer times won't help.
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    Believe it or not, I've found that for crew chiefs it's better to take somebody with no experience and train them. For years I was looking only for people with experience, and they always worked slower, made more mistakes, and eventually would leave me high and dry as they tried their hand at starting their own business..
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    Good help is hard to find because they are called small business owners. I'm solo and haven't had that problem myself yet but when working for others in the past I've seen a million helpers come and go. The one's that were paid well knew the had the experience and either left thinking they could make more somewhere else or started up on their own. Now there are guys like I used to be(before getting my license) making a good wage and scared of the unknown of starting a business, If you come across one of those guys pay and treat him good and you'll be set
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    We have slowly noticed our employee turn around slowing down over the past couple seasons. Three years ago I had a feeling inside of me that I needed to make sure my team was always satisfied. At the time, there was some dead time, or weeks with less hours. I felt like I needed to make them happy because they might have other opportunities open up for them, and they might leave me high and dry. We have been blessed with an everexpanding client list, needless to say there are no more slow weeks, or dead time to our year. In our trade people have a false preception, of what we are actually doing. They don't take our line of work to be a career. Man are they wrong! To the right individual this is what we were created for. We also started bringing in features to our company that are a requirement to keep good people around. We got a group health insurance plan for all of our full time employees. This was a cost for us, but this is what you need to keep lasting employees. Our policy requires us to pay half of the employees insurance. We have paid vacations, holidays paid, paid cell phones, christmas bonuses, etc. This is not available to everyone. You have timelines when a employee qualifies for these extras. Our biggest thing to our company, is that we are a team. Sometimes in the hustle and bustle, you don't realize how much one bad person can bring an entire team down. Our leadership team does a great job at evaluating these potental people, and weeding them out. Our teams moral is our number one priority to me. Happy team members result in mass production.

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    It will probably work out at some point. The best help I have is a retired guy that wants to work everyday if he could. Hes the only guy that works anywhere close to as far as I do. Maybe guys like that are the ticket, hes not going to go out and start his own business.... It just seems like older (Im only 36) workers already think they know everything.
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    yeah i agree good help is so hard to find , i had to fire a guy today for moonlighting, right now we are working 3 days a week for winter , so i hear threw the grape vine my guy is opening his own business , so i call him and he flat denies it and i say to him its ok i dont care but just let me know what is going on. and i pay him 10 bucks an hr. lunches etc. , so he call me today and says well i am cutting a few yrds a week to make extra money . so i tell him i cant blame a guy for trying to make extra money,but i cant have him working for me it is a conflict of he gets pissed at me . im like dang man . but oh well got a new guy starting monday.
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