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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Stinky, Jul 13, 2001.

  1. Stinky

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    How does anyone find good help!! Three days and gone
  2. lawnboy82

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    do you have any regular guys now? or no? the way i got my 3 guys now is- i ran solo last summer, then before i went back to school, a friend of mine, his main guy wanted to come work for me on the books, because he had reasons. so i gave him on the books work, then i went away to school and he needed somebody to help him with cleanups. so he brought his wife with him. then this year from the start i told him to bring another person each day. so for a while he brought other guys, then nobody was around to work so he brought his wife. between the two of them, they make the best employee ever seen in this industry. they can both cut grass, and do tree work, they can both plant, she is good with flowers and weeding, trimming shrubs, etc. he can run the business if i want to go away for a bit. then i said another day we need a 3rd guy. so he brought a new guy, this guy isnt very bright, but he does whatever i tell him to do, and just wants to work. so my best suggestion to you would be to talk with your friends who are lco's or tree guys, masons, whatever. talk with them and see if they have a spare guy who maybe they need to get rid of an employee because a big job is over or something. or talk with that guys employees, with his permission of course, find out if that guy has a friend who may want to work. i would say to you though to make sure you know the employee, or at least are familiar with the guy. that is the best i can say to you. i dont deal with american workers anymore. i bring them along once in a while if i am lonely or something. i do have one american guy who is good, but he is into drugs, so i dont use him anymore. i find that these hispanic guys work harder, less problems, work faster, and in some cases do better work than their american counterparts. just a thought-

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