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    Hey folks, just wanted to get your feedback on this subject. How do you folks feel about the significance of a good image?
    For example, do you think that a LCO can have a positive impact on his potential customer base by wearing uniforms, having nice equipment, such as a nice truck/cargo trailer. Do you think it relays on image of success, or do you think the workmanship one does is all that really matters.
    I am curious as to what you guys/girls think.


  2. TurfBoy08

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    In all honesty, I believe it is a combination of both "Good Image" and "Quality Work". That does not mean you have to have brand new equipment, but keeping what you do have looking the best it possibly can is just as good in my opinion. Purchase what you can afford, and do the best job possible with what you have to work with. Just my 2 cents..........
  3. Total.Lawn.Care

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    I agree, both are important. Your image says alot so a potential customer that has never seen your work. However, your work will speak for itself.

    I make every attempt to take pride in both. I wear Logo'ed shirts and decent blue jeans and work boots. "TRY" to keep the truck clean and have my equipment in a nice enclosed trailer. I also try to keep the mower blown off and as clean as possible.

    But, most importantly, I do the best job I can on every property that I service. When the grass is nice and green and everything is growing as it should, my lawns look like carpet when I leave, each and every time. I am also very particular when I trim and bed edge. If this is messed up and not done right, the quality of the entire job goes down and can cost you a job.
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    Yes, both effect how potential customers and regular clients view you and your business. I do my best to keep equipment looking nice, being orginized and doing work the right way in a professional manner. I always do the best work possible with the tools i have and my ability.
    Professional landscapers are not only taking the place of the owner when do work on their property... they are supposed to be providing professional quality services.
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    It's not that I don't think image per se matters, but for me it usually comes last, if perhaps as a result... I don't go out of my way trying not to look hot, but to me clean is better than shiny.

    On a note of cleanliness, clean washed clothes and a daily shower, don't forget the underarm deodorant. I don't think the smell of freshly accumulated work is detrimental, but I firmly believe stale or excessive body odor is bad news (not to mention offensive).

    First in line is quality / accuracy: By accuracy, I mean showing up on time, not missing cuts (or patches), and not under / over billing.

    Then comes the saturation / satisfaction factor, whatever works is to be done needs to get done.

    Maintenance is crucial as well: A poorly maintained machine is sloppy, tends to waste time, and may in turn also give a bad impression. Meanwhile, a well maintained machine should break down less, and turn out better work.

    Next comes noise level: Somewhat inline with maintenance, the less noise one makes, the better...

    By the time we get to speed, image starts to become important...
    The last time I washed my truck was June, 2005. :laugh:
    The thing is, I'd rather get the work done before washing the truck.
    Keeping the bed clean is important, the interior suffers but it's out of sight, mostly.
    As for equipment, I find a compressed air nozzle does wonders, while using anything but warm soapy water only deteriorates the finish, it takes time and not a day later it's dirty again.

    Uniforms perhaps not so much for a solo guy, but certainly something to consider in an employee-based situation.

    but thats just me.
  6. PaperCutter

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    I sub out all my work (I do landscape design, project management, and property evaluation/ consultations), and image is critical for me and the subs I choose. What I offer is a high-end service, so the guys on site have to perform and look like pros.

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