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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Precision, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. hwew

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    This is all I use in my air cooled engines. lots of hours on some of them and they still do not use oil between oil changes.

    Best spec's I know of for air cooled engines.
  2. tacoma200

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    I'm with you I just switched everything over to synthetic.
  3. Joe McMo

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    Turfeater, please don't do that! Using 50wt. in a 30 wt. is awful. 30 wt molecules are a certain size lets say 30 microns/ 50 wt, oil has molecules that are say 50 microns/// too thick, you are forcing 50's in a space designated for size 30. You are wearing the engine out slowly this way.
    The 10/30-30wt. amsoil small engine oil is full synthetic and is designed for that 30wt. classification.
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  4. Precision

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    We have been able to make synthetic gasoline since at least the 20's, Google Bergius process. During WWII, the Germans produced 92% of their aviation gasoline this way.

    The process is quite a bit more expensive than our current $4.00 a gallon gas, so...
  5. lubricity

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    No matter who tries to teach you about oil. It is skewed to sell their brand of oil. We have been selling lube products fo 20 years. It is amazing how they cum up with rah rah bulls---.
    Single wieght oils are basicly obsolete for land based craft.
  6. Dr. Godfrey

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    Another great place of info on oil the simple man can understand is All based on easy tests.Again Schaeffer is a great proformer.:cry:
  7. Wizz

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    W indeed stands for Winter, not weight. I agree that bobistheoilguy is a great site, I've learned a lot just by reviewing the various oil analysis posted on that site.
  8. irishcreek95

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    My dealer told me to use straight 30 wt in my new kohler but the manual and stickers on the engine say use 10w-30. Also manual says do not use synthetic until after 50 hours. Got any suggestions?
  9. Briggs Man

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    I don't know for sure which is the best oil but i try to use either 10w30 or sae30 i find the engine will always run good , i think the most important thing is not what brand or type as long as you just keep up with your oil changes and do them often especially when doing alot of work with them so there is always good lubrication
  10. Road Ruler

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    My JD F525 Kaw engine has a sticker on the side of the engine that states 10W/30 oil yet the JD maintenance pkg for the F525 contains straight 30 Oil. Hummmm!:confused:

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