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    I was advised this should be made known to everyone on this forum. I feel like most of you know this but maybe some do not.

    You can be prompted if you receive a private message from anyone in this forum. Go to your User CP and on the left side you will see "Edit Options", scroll toward the bottom of the information body and this is what you will see. Check the box to receive an email notification or check the box to have a notification pop-up come onto your screen. This is a way to respond more quickly to someones private message to you.


    The forum can send a message to your email address to inform you when someone sends you a private message.

    Receive Email Notification of New Private Messages

    If you are browsing the forums when you receive a new private message, the system can pop-up a notification box informing you of the new message.

    Show New Private Message Notification Pop-up
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