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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by stevenf, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. stevenf

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    this year is my first year getting into lawn maintenace. I have a home edition ZTR that is a 16hp honda engine and a 44 inch cut. Even though I only have 4 accounts at the moment(growing weekly),I am starting to see why most people dont have home editions for this type of work. there just isnt enough power for the hills and ditches, the ride is a very bumpy/uncomfortable ride, and its not nearly as fast as it could be.(6mph)

    I will stick with this one for the rest of the year but im thinking of investing in the next level. I dont have the money for a beasty scag lol. a 48inch cut is the bigger my trailer can handle. What is a good mower, cheaper then scags, faster then 6mph, stronger then 16hp, and a comfortable ride?
  2. baddarryl

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    I just got a Bobcat Fastcat 48 ztr with a 19 Kaw for $5100 including NC's criminal sales tax and a 2 year commercial warranty. I think it goes 8 mph. Deck is only 49 1/4 wide so it fits easily through a 48 inch gate.
  3. bohiaa

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    Dont sell yourself short, many of us have smaller ZTR's because it will fit through gates and such...
    as you grow you will find that FAST Z's are NOT always best. you just cant cut grass very fast.

    Sounds like your right on track, If not above the rest, most start out with
    21" mowers, with 4,5 and even 8 accounts.

    Good luck
  4. stevenf

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    even 8mph is fast enough for me. Im mainly looking for a 48inch cut with some power behind it for slants... i would like the deck lifting petal also for curbs.

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