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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GrassWorx, Apr 19, 2001.

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    Guys i have been in this bussiness for about 3 years mostly residential, but i do have a few commercial. I would really like to find some good books on this bussiness. I have seen the books by Nilson but don't know where to buy them. I know in order to be a professional in any bussiness u need to continue to learn and there is a lot that i just don't know. any help will be appreciated.
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    Check out "How To Start A Home Based Landscaping Business" by Owen E. Dell. ISBN 0-7627-0516-7. It goes for about $18 but you might be able to find it for less (I think I saw it on Amazon for $12-$13?).

    Some of this book was over my head as it deals alot with landscaping and I am focusing more on maintenance to start with, but I still found it to be very helpful in dealing with the business end of things.

    Good luck.
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    Lawn; basic factors, construction and maintenance of fine turf areas
    Author Jonas Vengris printed in 1973

    Probably out of print if you can find a copy in discount/used bookstore it has factual information about lawns and care of them.

    Down to Earth Natural Lawn Care
    Author Dick Raymond printed 1993

    Deals with organic lawn care practices and cutting the use of chemicals back.
    ISBN- 0-88266-812-909(hc)

    10’000 Garden Questions

    These are just a few that I have.

    “Half Price Books” store do not know if it is in your area?
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  5. I thought Nilson may have a website for his books. My only book is Ortho All About Lawns. Gives lots of basics of turf varities and the stengths/weaknesses. Goes through renovations etc. Take it with you as you can use it to convince customers what the authorities on lawn care have to say on certain subjects. Gives pics of all turf varities, weeds/diseases and cure/prevention. You will not learn anything about lawn biz from it, but knowledge of what makes the money (turf) is all there. And your buisiness image is totally dependent on adequate knowhow of lawncare. Just wait till someone tries to argue whether mulch mowing produces thatch. You need an authority, use the book to win over, nuf said.

    Lots of good info on running a successful LCO biz right here on Lawnsite. Most deal with getting clients and how to deal with almost every imagineable situation that will hit you. And if you have a problem, lots of GOOD people here are ready to assist.

    Wish you well on your endeavor.

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    my neighbor gave me landscaping for dummies and lawnmowing for dummies. well, that was a joke, but the magazines above are really infomative. turf magazine and pro magazine show a lot of good equipment. lawn and landscape gives real good advice on accounting and running the business.
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    Try this link, which is one of the banners. Do any of you click on the banners and visit our sponsors? This helps support
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    Check out the other post on this for a little more info.

    BTW- Nillson used to be a pretty regular contributor to this site along with Bill Phagan. There should be info in the archives if you search by name. Its too bad they still aren't active here Good Luck.

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    I would go and check out your local bookstore and see what they have.. The mags are great as well....

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