good luck to all new companies

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by topdog, Mar 28, 2005.

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    just wanted to say good luck to all the new companies starting up this year.

    i have worked for my neighbor off and on for the last two years. he can never seem to keep help. they always seem to leave at the worst time, and then he comes knocking on my door to help him...hahah.

    anyways, he has taken his lawncare service in about 3 years time to doing a little under 100 thousand this past year....pretty awesome..imo.

    so, after helping him soo much: and working 12 hour shifts with lots of days off, i have taken the leap myself.

    i bought a used trailer and 48" ztr mower from him this year.
    i have about 4 accounts that i started doing for my wife's mom's bank...(repo homes, business, and the bank itself)

    my neighbor gets so many calls that he doesn't advertise anymore ( other than a couple of his trucks that are logoed), so he is gonna send the new callers my way since he can't handle anymore at this time.

    i hope this works i really enjoyed doing it. nothing beats getting outside on a nice day....btw my real job is corrections, so anything beats being in the big house all day with the worst scum of society.

    Good Luck to all, and i love this site!!!
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    Welcome TOPDOG, it is a very good site for info.....hopefully we can keep the green industry professional....great luck to you!! :)

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