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I was sitting at my local Cap'n D's last night waiting on their slow @##$$es to catch my wifes fish and noticed a sign on the adjacent building. It was a Progressive Insurance sign. I though to my self, "self" I said, "that sure would be a good name for somebody out there, and a good way to sell yourself to potential customers". If your name was "PROGRESSIVE LAWN MAINTENACE" you could sell your new customers on the idea that their yards would not be fixed overnight, but would get proggressively better over time by your careful, systematic approach to their individual needs. I already have a name and too many accounts to really convert to an all purpose type company, I just mow and go, but for someone starting out with the proper tools and knowledge I think it would be a great selling point. You could actually seek out the lawns that needed to be soil tested, aerated/dethatched, put on a good fertilizer/weed program, and over the course of a couple seasons turn a crappy lawn into a showplace. Before and after pictures from that point on would sell the business and idea for you. This might be a way to maintain a minimum number of accounts vs. too many to keep up with, and still make good money. Your name would then be spread throughout the "scrubby lawn community" and believe me, there would be an abundance of work. I see a lot of people on here that cater to the high end lawns, this leaves the door open in most communities for the "low end" type. There will be some at first that really don't want to shell out the extra bucks but sure as the moon has a man on it your repair work will soon be catching the eyes of the neighbors and passerbys. They will know how the lawn used to look and when they see it turn into a lush field of green they will look at the sign in the yard that says,

PHONE 555-1212

You better get a secretary for all the calls you'll be getting!

Oh well, there may be some out there doing this now but there is always room for one more class act........with a real good name. You know what, it ain't never too late to convert, I may just give it a try myself!


P.S. If you use the name let me know.....I want royalties!


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Northern NJ
You sold me on it Homer. I'd hire whoever accepts this challenge. There is a company in my neighborhod that seems to do sort of what you are saying. Husband/Wife team that do very nice work...I don't think an overabundance of it, but quality instead of quantity.


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N.E. Wisconsin
I like your thoughts but I am intrigued by the concept of "freshly caught fish" at Cap'n D's.

If the service is slow next time toss a quarter stick in and take your pick.


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I think they went to Panama City to catch the fish, had to wait 20 minutes in line! So much for fast food. If I get idle for too long my brain starts buggin' me, it just won't rest.



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longisland ny
i like the name homer i was going to use mr.mow it all but all my customers know me as ronslawncare quality work for affordable prices.i believe you definately need something that catches the publics eye you got a good idea why dont you use it....