Good news for Toro fans

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Envy Lawn Service, Nov 14, 2003.

  1. Envy Lawn Service

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    I saw this question and was reminded that I didn't "share"...
    ....and the answer is YES!!!!!! I asked the factory rep that same question when he deliverd the Z 500 demo. He says there are plans to offer it in due time, they just wanted to do the Z's first of course.

    So there is the news! I've known for several weeks. Sorry I forgot to share it with you guys sooner.
  2. rwleigh

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    Is toro going to address there service issues? At least here in my area they do not get in any hurry to help anyone.
  3. BMGLandscape

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    i see toro is coming around.there snowblowers are much better from what they were last year also
  4. My dealer was telling me the same thing ..they are gonna have the turbo force on all the z's sooner or later to..the 100 series will be replaced with ZTR'S with turbo force deck's.
  5. Lawn Specialties

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    rwleigh it must be something in your area. My toro dealer gets me parts within 24 hours and has actually driven 40 miles to bring them to me. Remember these dealers are independently owned and I have to admit I drive past two other dealers to get to mine.
  6. my dealer gets me parts quick to..he's first class me spark plug's a lot of times for nothing ...i went in last week asked for some fuel stabilizer he gave me 3 cans of sea foam for nothin.
    he goes above and beyond for his custormer's.
    he has my loyalty that's for sure.

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