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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by deereman, Apr 9, 2006.

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    Boys I hate to brag but I just got to tell my story about my weekend. Well I was busy putting the final touches on the mowers, getting them ready for the mowing season. And I was putting new blades on the mowers and then putting all the belts back on because I take them all off for the winter months. And I was spinning all the pulleys when one was a liitle noisy, and ruff. so I thought that I would replace it no big deal as I had a spare. Well the bushings that are in the pivoting idler shaft were shot as well as the shaft itself. Last fall, when we cleaned up the mowers, and washed them,all we did was just take off the belts, and did not notice that the bushings were bad, so did not notice. Anywho, this was late Saturday when I started working on them and noticed that I needed parts and right now, because we are going out of town for a week and when we get back the lawns should be ready to mow. So I went to Deere's web and looked up my parts on there handy program that they got, ordered my parts that I needed. There site even told me what parts the dealer had on hand, and what parts that they would have to order, I thought COOL. So the dealer will have to order two parts for me, that he did not have. I sent it, and I checked my E-mail and it verified my order and price and I am set to go out of town this week without worrying, about getting up to the dealer to order parts. I was VERY impressed with that website, and its ease of using it. I just had to share this with you guys before we leave to go out of town. and John Deere ................. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! Excellent idea for such a terrific website!!:dancing:
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    Lesco is set up similar for everything. Sure is nice. I can do everything online, including checking inventories of any locations. Or I can just order whatever I want regardless of what's in-stock where. I can do that, or call the shop or call direct and they drop what I need on my doorstep. Can't beat that.

    Good for Deere if they have that too. Beats the crap out of screwing around at the parts counter in some dealership.
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    Apparently, you love Lesco/Cub also!
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    Yup!... the other green...

    But I didn't mean for my post to 'steal the thunder'.
    I think it's great other MFG's are getting outside the ordinary.
    I'd sure like to have the life back I've wasted driving out and waiting at parts counters.

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