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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dlandscaping, Aug 4, 2004.

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    Today must have been massachusetts stupid day. So many clients were talking stupid. One goes oh my husband when to spray the bees nest that I got stung 2x by and she says there was only 1 bee. I looked later and the hole had been filled in, and even her husband saw 30+ bees.
    Second says cant you cut it shorter. The grass wont grow as fast then, Well lady if you have all fuc*en crabgrass and I am cutting at 4 inches now and my 2 cycle toro is bogging so nope. I raised the deck all the way after that. This lady also put 4x the recc rate of weedkiller on her lawn meaning lots of fert for the crabgrass.
    Third lady's daughter sees me coming into the backyard to mow it because I didnt do it yesterday, 2 cars in the way, and she pulls in. I say screw it and go home. Shes my neighbor and is getting billed for a full mowing.
    And for the best ever line " Why dont you cut it diagonal, we can get rid of some of these violets that way. That put me over, never talking with clients again.

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