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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by DA Quality Lawn & YS, Feb 5, 2013.

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    This one is about snow removal, but I also have quoted this lady for apps so will post here. This customer asked for snow removal service last November, with a 2" trigger. She runs a daycare service in her home and needs the snow out by 6AM so parents can drop of their kids w/o trudging thru snow.

    At any rate, I show up yesterday at this home to blow it out after a 2" snowfall. Drop my truck gate, unload the blower, and off we go. Get about 1/3 done with the drive, and the garage door opens. Out walks this rough looking dude (I do not know who he is, my customer said she was divorced) who smells like smoke.

    Dude: What are you doing here, I have a snowblower we don't need you. She (my customer) didn't call you to come over.

    Me: I didn't know you no longer wanted service, I have an agreement with my customer to push snow if it snows 2+ inches.

    Dude: We paid our bill last month for you, and your done. We are not paying for your s&^t any more!

    Me: You could have called me to state you don't want service any more.

    Dude: I did let you know!

    Me: Have at er dude. (as I reload my Ariens in my truck and drive off).

    My goal this coming lawn and snow season is to eliminate chaff business like this. No one needs this kind of unreasonable confrontation at 5:30AM. I am proud of myself I didn't resort to cussing like that dude did.
  2. KrayzKajun

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    I hope u bill them for this.
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  3. ygim

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    Absolutely charge them. Some people suck
  4. jrs.landscaping

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    No matter how hard you try one PITA always slips through like this. You did the right thing packing up and not making a scene :clapping:
  5. Will P.C.

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    The woman will probably end up calling you again when her 'deadbeat' friend is too lazy to go take care of the driveway.
  6. LLL357

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    definately bill them
  7. CL&T

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    Sadly, this is what some customers think of honest business people these days.
  8. Landrus2

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    It happens to us all the time when it's little storms they say you didn't needed to come.... Wait till she gets 20 Inches they all say I'm I glad to see you:waving:

    NIXRAY LawnSite Senior Member
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    Bill them for the time out there, and if you don't all ready have it implement a early cancellation clause. For example if they cancel for no reason other then to give joblow the work, they have to pay x amount.
    Did they SHE your customer contact you stating a CANCEL. you could be on the hook if there is a slip and fall or Jobow didn't show up for 12"+ snow fall, because you are still the guy she hired. If you want to cancel her get it in writing.
  10. grandview (2006)

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    What kind of smoke did he smell like?;)

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