Good one - yet another Trugreen folly

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by DA Quality Lawn & YS, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    This is a good one, prepare yourselves......

    I just started Rd 2 yesterday. Was off to do 2 of my season prepays late morning today; they are right next to each other and have nice lawns. We pull into the neighborhood with the PG rig and I notice a TG sign in one of my customer's lawn. I am like what in the heck?? I knew this customer could not have dropped me flat as we had made significant progress on his lawn over the past season and he was happy with what I was doing. Besides, if he wanted to cancel he is the type of guy who would have called me first.

    So, we pull up curbside to that lawn and notice my customer is outside working. He comes running over to my truck. I asked 'did someone else treat your lawn'? He said "You won't believe this. Trugreen was supposed to treat my neighbor's lawn NEXT DOOR, but they treated mine instead." We both deduced that a new employee probably did this. We were baffled at how he could make such a mistake, the house numbers are COMPLETELY different all you would have to do is look at the number on the garage and you would know. My customer had me look at TG's app record. They sprayed with a 4-way mix (incl. fluoroxopyr sp?) and dropped fert pretty heavy with prodiamine pre. I told my customer I already did my round of prodiamine over a month ago, and that putting it down now is borderline too late. And TG put down WAY too much N for the type of season we are having, TONS of rain and growth flush.

    My customer was hot at TG. He already called them and reamed them. Said he isn't paying for the app (of course). The neighbor that was supposed to get the app was also mad and was thinking of dropping TG as well.

    Bad thing is, my customer prepaid. I am going to push my app schedule back for him to accommodate TG's gaffe. I may end up owing my customer a check for an app if I do not fit the remainder in the rest of the season.

    Thanks TG. :nono: Maybe I can take over the other neighbor's lawn too cause of this.
  2. kbrashears

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    Absolutely no way you should take a financial hit for their mistake. But if you get the neighbor, you could offer that in form of a free app to the current customer at the beginning of next season.
  3. greenskeeper44

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    I have had this happen many times.....the worst around here is Weed man....I swear they have done something like that 5 or 6 times resulting in a lost app for me....they are also horrible about treating customers lawns after they had cancelled
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    I was talking to guy the other day at my local feed/landscape supply yard while we were waiting to get mulch and he said he called TG recently for a quote (shopping around) and when he got home that day, there was a flag in the yard like they had treated it. He only asked for them to quote it lol. He said he called and reamed them a new one and refused to pay for service. Too bad he lived outside of my service area, otherwise I would have started treating his. I gave him some recommendations of other reputable companies in his area.
  5. RigglePLC

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    Offer a free ap to the untreated customer if he agrees to continue for the year.
    Your customer should get an extra--probably a free winterizer at the end of the year--say mid-November. Or a free ap for next year in spring, (that way he cannot cancel, and he avoids any price increase).
    Other free extras ...mole control...insecticide for insects or a bad spot. Insects on bushes. Mosquitoes, fleas...
  6. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Yeah I think he will probably choose the route of a free app next season, reducing his prepay amount. I may be able to fit my remaining apps in this season, depending on weather and turf conditions. I won't force an app 'just to get it done' though.
  7. Efficiency

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    Its not as uncommon as you would think. We do it on occasion too - obviously never intentionally.
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    GOATMAN GEORGE LawnSite Member
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    They do the same crap round here, ppl call for a quote & they just spray 1 size fits all spray without confirming anythng
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  9. Cadzilla

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    No kidding. The way the guys talk in here sometimes you think they never make a mistake in their lives.
  10. RigglePLC

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    I did a few wrong houses when I worked for AlmostGreen. And a few times when I worked for myself.
    Why is it so difficult for people to put a number on their house? Its the law, you know.
    Did you ever have the problem when there were 4 mailboxes with numbers, and four houses on four long driveways with no numbers?

    And chances are its out in the country--ten mile drive if I have to go back. So take your best guess or at night, and just go back the next time you are close to the location?

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