Good place online to get rear rims for my ferris?


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I only mow my property. We have a lot of clay, and in the spring time the ground gets super saturated and slick. Its also super soft and I wind up rutting out the lawn. I ahve 3 acres to mow, so using my push mower is not an option, lol.

When I bought the mower the previous owner gave me a like new set of Carlisle Multi-trac C/S in a 24x12.00-12. The existing tires are Carlisle turf masters which are 22x10.00-10

So these would essentially be 2" wider, but they would also be 2" taller, wouldnt they? So I would likely have to get rims with the proper offset, and re level the deck. Thinking about it now, I would have to increase the front tire size too, wouldnt i?

My thoughts are that more surface area will give me better "flotation" in the spring months when the ground is super soft. Do you believe it would help? Hurt? Not worth the time and money sourcing the right rims?
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Yes you would need different rims to accommodate those tires, but the issue is will those tires fit your machine? An inch difference would be one thing, but two inches, you could have the tires rubbing into something that they shouldn't be and will probably have the rear tire sticking out beyond the deck. If your yard is "super soft" I don't think tires 2 inches wider are going to make much of a difference, you will still sink in. I wouldn't go this route.


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central new york
I had a similar situation with a Toro Grandstand on a hill, saturated clay soil and 'greasy' conditions. Unfortunately fighting gravity and not having four locked wheel drive (even that may not have worked if it was an option) I turned to installing V-Bar (welded 'V's on the links to cut into the soil) 2-Link (twice as many cross chains as 4-Link) tire chains. They are very aggressive but amazingly do very little harm to the turf. You need to watch your turns and speed on corners and stops but nothing much different than ordinary mowing. Any damage that I did incur usually disappeared within the week. I don't remember cost, but maybe $100 for the pair. Fortunately I had no fenders to worry about and as a precaution I added a set of wheel spacers to allow a bit more breathing room between the inner tire wall chains and the hydraulic hoses, the spacers brought out the wheels to just about even with the deck. I use them year round.