Good plan for this palmetto?

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  1. I have a property in a community that is filled with mature oaks. The fronts of the properties get a lot of shade during the day. I re-sodded the front last year with 2 pallets of palmetto, and it has done very well. The areas by the street are the worst, getting the most shade. I was thinking of dethatching yearly and topsressing with I know that won't cure the problem, but will it GREATLY help it?
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  2. Ric

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    With out seeing the situation, I might suggest DAY LIGHTING the trees to allow more sun on the turf.

  3. That was actually done Ric right before we sodded...I should prob take a pic.
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    if you topdress with topsoil you will probabally have issues with brownpatch when cool weather comes in. Holds too much moisture.
  5. What would be your recommend then??
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    A sod cutter and something other than Palmetto :walking: J/K

    Is it just thinning overall? Or does it look to be diseased?
  7. The palmetto is doing fine. Actually, pretty good. I just want to keep it looking that way and I know in shade, it could go downhill. I've put minima around the oaks which is doing great. I was thinking that dethatching once a year and topsressing would keep it good.
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