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    I am new to this business. I have been doing chemical lawn-care for 1.5 years. I have been doing pest control for 6 years now though. I added lawn-care to my business and it is going good. I make more money with lawn-care now. But, I don't know as much about turf as I would like.
    What is a cost-effective crabgrass treatment? I am only looking for crabgrass treatment, but want a herbicide that is cost effective. It seems that Lesco is much more expensive than other distributors. I order herbicides from my local co-op or from my pesticide distributor, but they don't carry much and my co-op is a little on the expensive side.
    Is it better to go liquid or dry pre-emergent? It would be better for me to do the dry pre-emergent with liming.
    thanks, Rick
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    You're contradicting yourself....

    You say Lesco is more expensive, then you say your co-op is expensive.

    Anything that works right the first time is going to be expensive.

    As far as a crabgrass pre-emergent, you're going to have a hard time finding a granular product with just the crab-icide. Most are going to be a fert / pre-em combo.

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    I have contacted some distributors and they are half the price of Lesco, I just don't know what to buy. the pre-emergent can have more than crabgrass, but that is all I am concerned with in controlling. My co-op I just get bulk liquid fertilizer from, they are a little expensive when it comes to chemicals compared to my pesticide distributors, but the co-op is much cheaper than Lesco.
    I would just like to know who is a good distributor for turf products price wise. The pre-emergent combo control products in dry form is what I am looking for.
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    There are for different types of pre-m's that are available that can be applied in turf grass. Pendimethalyn, prodiamine (barricade), Corn Gluten (organic), and diminsion. Pendi is the cheapest. You nan get all of these in granular. One with a fert (as a carrier) and the other as a WDG (water dispursable granular). If you get them tandem with a fert you cannot go heavy on pre-m without going heavy on the fert and cause a ununiform green/growth. I would spray a EC (Emulsifiable concentrate) You get better coverage at a fraction of the cost. You can also mix up a backpack sprayer and spray in low volume and hit the trouble areas (sidewalk edges) at a heavier rate. Corn Gluten is organic. It also has a 2pound per k nitrogen rate when applied correctly. Thats way to much nitrogen this time of year. The good thing about it is it eats the seed inside out wherefor chemicals just halt the germination and the seeds can lay dormant until next spring. I use Prodiamine and diminsion. Diminsion is also a post-m up to the 5th tiller on crabgrass. This will kill alll early germinated crabgrass. Buying fert with diminsion is a waste of money (IN MY OPINION) if it could be sprayed. Our soil doesnt really need potash or phos. The state chemist himself says he has never seen Indiana soil deprived of those two things and that these companies add them to their products as a carrier and to sell there fert. Here is a simple and effective way to spray at a low cost. .5 lb. of Nitrogen per K, 1ounce Diminsion, per K, ! ounce of Triplet per K. You can spray one gallon per K using these rates and have gr8 results. Hit me up if you want to know more about this or spraying pre-m in a low volume. Nathan
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    I use Lifeguard from Lesco which is Dimension in a WSP form. I mix it in water and go. I had great result last year using this product. Most of my customers only get it around hard surface such as sidewalks and driveways.
    MnMasterExterminator, you say you get your liquid fertilizer from the Co-op. What formulation is it and does it contain a slow release nitrogen?

    Mike I
    Mike's Total Lawn Care

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