Good Price for a 2011 Hustler x-one Demo or a 2008 Super Z

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by drakewylde, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. mtmower

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    I've been running a 24/60 standard deck ( I believe 2002 with 1000 hrs.) and it's not bad. vx4 deck may have more drag/demand on it. The honda has lots of low end torque. I have replaced two or three coils already so be ready for that. And you MUST take the engine shrouds off every so often to blow out dust, dirt, and grass. I even run a bagging unit on slopes and it takes it but you wouldn't want any less hp in my opinion. It feels like more torque and equal hp to my 28 efi kohler on a 66" xr7 deck, which by the way is a great engine but gutless. I would go with the xone for warranty and the new deck design.
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    My understanding is, my dealer is the largest that Huslter has. When you see how many crates of mowers they had this this spring, and how many they have now, you can see why you can get a good price.
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    Thanks for all the info!
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    When did you buy your xone? How do you like it? Ive got the xr7 hustler will be 3 yrs in November just under 2000 hrs and am very tired of double cutting grass that lays over then still have to use the blower to blow out clumps. Thinking about switching brands to scag exmark or kubota but Ron is the man at SIE.

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