Good price of '06 Sabre Tooth???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JShe8918, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. JShe8918

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    My local Scag dealer has an '05 Sabre Tooth tiger 31hp turbo diahatsui diesel engine in a 61" cut. He removed the advantage deck and sold it to a customer and replaced it with a new Velocity deck. It has 87HRs on it. He wants 12000 even plus tax. Is this a good price? Keep in mind a new sabre is almost 18000. They are discontinueing the model due to the new Cat 28 model. Or would you go with the same dealer that has a brand new '06 toro 61" with a 23hp kubota diesel for 9300 plus tax? What is the wise decision? i would like to know the highs and lows of each machine? cut quality machine build and quality of each? Thanx
  2. tb8100

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    As far as I know, it's basically a Turf Tiger with a beastly engine and 21cc pumps. I haven't been with Scag long enough to know any other differences. I think it goes slightly slower than the TT. The Turf Tiger is an incredible mower, no two ways about it. Is there any warranty on the mower? If not, I honestly wouldn't recommend dropping $12000 on a mower with no warranty, even if it is 30% off of a new one.

    You can get into a new Kubota or CAT powered TT for just a little more than that...

    Are you still considering the Bad Boy AOS?
  3. JShe8918

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    Yes to both of your questions. lol. I have actually gone and tested a bad boy AOS diesel 28 CAT on a 61" I loved it except you can't get a foot deck lift for any AOS models. Also i was afraid of the company only being 10 years old. I know that they are expanding but many mower companies go down in the 1st 20 years. And lets face it if it were to go down it would be a royal pain to get parts for. Yes the Sabre tooth does have a full warranty the same as if it were new. It covers 2 years from purchase date just as if it were new. I have also wanted to look at the scag 28 CAT but they haven't got one in the state that i can even find. Also the 14900 price tag is drop of heart where as the bad boy with the same engine is over 3 grand less. Another thing that worried me about BB was the cut quality i have not heard or seen anything. When i demoed it was febuary and there wasn't enough grass to tell how it did.
  4. JShe8918

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    Come on i know someone has an opinion.....
  5. echo8287

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    I recently bought a TT with a 27 gas Kohler on it and like it a lot. Real HD mower. I got it as a demo for $7500.00+tax with 90 hours on it. I looked at Kubota and could have got the middle version for $12,300+ tax. I liked the way the Kubota deck can be raised for blade changes. The Kubota would be better on fuel consumption. Looking at the way the mowers are made, I had to go with a Scag, and when I found that deal it cemented it for me. 12,000 + tax seems high for an 05 model>12 inc tax I might go for. I think you should look at an 08 TT with the diesel and check the price and demo first. David
  6. mag360

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    With a full warranty I'd go for it. You're getting the flagship scag at bad boy price. Thet machine started out as a 72inch advantage if the velocity fits on it so keep in mind that it's probably longer from front to back than the bad boy or toro.
  7. JShe8918

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    Thanx i think i might be leaning toward the Sbre because it is the hoss of all mowers in my opinion. But am intrested in the toro to. What do ya'll think of that mower
  8. wahlturfcare

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    you will like the cut of the saber tiger better than the toro. Plus the scag will last alot longer. I have a '98 model that is still running fine with no problems.
  9. JShe8918

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    i have heard mighty good things of the sabre but i have also heard great things of the turf 28 CAT and the Turf 25 Kubota. Which one.... So i now know we are going with a scag just what diesel model>/
  10. mag360

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    I'd go with the sabre for the pump and wheel motor combo + price. Kubota is the best motor out of the three in my opinion but also the weakest (according to the numbers---I don't think the 28 cat feels like 28hp)

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