Good price over good dealer?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by supercuts, Nov 15, 2009.

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    who else is in this position and what have you done?

    my business used to be dependant on great dealer service, if my mower went down i needed it back that day, or by the next day....and the dealer delivered. i always knew his prices were a bit higher, but down time would have been far more costly than new equiptment prices.

    im finally at the point that i have enough equiptment that if they go down i can make due with whats left. i still want it fixed quick to make life easier but i can manage without it. now im looking at another new mower. my dealer wants $9400, and i found the identical machine for $7150 at dealer further away in state. thats a $2250 difference. im also looking at new vac, he wants $4500 and i can get a leftover on ebay for under $3000 in the 2700ish range.

    i certainly dont want to compromise the unbelievable service ive had for the last 5 years or harm the relationship ive built, but savings in the thousands of dollars per purchase is alot of money! right now, if i walk into their shop, they stop what they are working on and start on mine and usually fix it that day if they have all the parts in stock(they usually do).

    so, just wondering how many of you have gotten to this point and what direction youve gone. im 90% sure im going elsewhere for the mower in the spring simply for the price, but first ill have an honest talk with my dealer.
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    As you said..... have an honest talk with your dealer.

    I've told my customers for years..... if they can get the same quality and service from someone else they should do it. It's not personal.... business is business.

    If it makes YOU feel better about it.... split it up between the dealers.

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