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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Bill Davis, Apr 17, 2002.

  1. Bill Davis

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    I had a ? regarding the retail price of a 52" lazer hp with the 20 hp kholer motor. I was quoted $7299 without a mulching kit and that price is before tax. I know you cant tell me how much these go for other places but does that seem a little high. If any owners of these units could help out too. Thanks yall, Bill
  2. eXmark

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    Thank you for contacting us. Prices do vary from region to region. In some regions a particular model will sell above our "suggested commercial sale price" in other they may sell at or below our "suggested commercial sale price".

    Our suggested commercial sale price for a LHP5220KC or Lazer HP, 52" deck with at 20 hp Kohler is $6999. The LZ5220KC is the Lazer Z 52" with a 20hp Kohler and it has a suggested commercial sale price of $7299.

    It's possible that the Lazer HP 52", 20hp is selling for $7299 in your area. It's also possible that your dealer inadvertently looked up the price of a 52" 20hp Lazer Z as well.

    My recommendation would be to double-check the model # and quote with your dealer and verify you are both talking about the same mower.

    Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

    Thank you

  3. Glen

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    If it helps you out, I paid $6,500 for a 52 inch, 20 hp Kohler, Lazer Z back in December 2001.

  4. Esby

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    Seems pretty high to me. I wouldn't purchase that unit for over $7,099. I would highly recommend the 23hp Kaw, You won't regret getting the extra power for just a couple hundred more.
  5. Bill Davis

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    Thanks for all the quick responses and help. I talked to the rep for Exmark down here and he said that he could check with the dealer and make sure he had the right model. The reps name is Lee Parish and he is a great guy and has become a real good friend. Thanks, Bill.

    p.s. Lee works for R.W. distibutors and he is the reason i am looking at Exmarks. Thanks again!!!

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