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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by M&S, Mar 31, 2002.

  1. M&S

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    Question to some of you experienced business men I am getting customers that want fertilizing seeding and things to this sort does anyone not offer these services and still make good in this proffession? I am considering not doing any of these because of not enough experience than someone that just might do this a lot and reason number 2 is that it could be time consuming. Is this a service worth providing?
  2. landscaper3

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    We sub ALL our herbicides and pesticides application due to you have to be licensed and must have a special contaner to put the product in. As far as fertilzer we do a few but also contract most of it out. Yes we could make more money doing it but up here an owner needs like 3 licenes to be an applicator. We have so many different services we offer and feel we would spread ourselves thin. Look at your local laws. You can get big fines if your not LEGAL!!!
  3. ohiolawnguy

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    i know a lot of companies who do not do any type of landscaping, and stick with the maintenance aspect of the field.

    but, the majority of these companies do offer fertiizing and lmited overseedig work

    most strictly maintenance companies usually offer the following:

    1. mowing
    2. bed edging
    3. bushtrimming
    4. aeration
    5. fertilization
    6. overseeding, but not lawn renovations
    7. mulching

    you can make money by doing only mowing, but there are certain types of clientele you will never get by limiting yourself to just mowing.
  4. lamblawnscaping

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    Mowing is about the least profitable aspect of this business. Design/Install and Chemical Apps are the most profitable. It is easier to make money on products than labor, if you buy your products in the right place. It may not seem worth it to get licensed and insured to do chemical apps, or go buy the aerator or slice seeder to do seeding with in the short term, but once you get good at these services you will make much more money.

    Ohiolawnguy is right, the types of clients you want are the full service clients. You can make the same money with half the customers to deal with if you provide a full range of services.

    Also, I wouldn't feel comfortable with my clients dealing with other contractors for part of their landscape needs. They may decide that it would just be easier to use the other guy for everything.
  5. M&S

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    Thanks fellas for the info. I am in Michigan and I don't know if I have to be liscensed to seed and fertilize lawns if so how do you go about getting liscensed?
  6. Jim Feder

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    Got new season service agreement sat do to we offer more then just mowing.:D

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