Good slit seeders???

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by grassman50, Oct 16, 2001.

  1. grassman50

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    Hi, I was wondering if the bluebird seeder was any good. Some guy wants to sell me one for like $600.00 and it is basically brand new. Where do you put the seed in and how much can it hold? Does it put slits in the ground? Does anyone know if this is a good machine?? Any comments would help me greatly. thanks. Oh yeah, it is the seeder that is i think 18" wide.
  2. Eric ELM

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    I moved this here where members use seeders like this.
  3. Ricky

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    I don't own one, but I have rented one several times this year and last. I was satisfied with the results. I can't tell you how they compare with other brands because the Bluebird is the only one that I have used. I just looked up the brochure for a new one that I looked at last year. It was priced here for $1430. Check on The one on the brochure says that the hopper holds 30# of seed. The one that I rented was an older model and I think that the blades needed replacing but still got good germination. If it has the Honda engine that is a plus.
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    If you are talking about the P-18, it can be configured as a <a href="">seeder</a> or a <a href="">Powerrake (with flails)</a>.

    For 8 years, I have used their original F-20 powerrake/seeder, which only held 12# of seed in a front mounted hopper. I had great success with this machine. Conversion on my unit takes about 45 minutes, but looks like the P-18 may be easier to convert. Bought the original powerrake setup probably 15 yrs ago.

    Bluebird makes very solid machines, note 10 guage deck material. Their machines are usually heavier than similar machines by others, because they are made to last in the rental market.
  5. Cheese burger

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    great machine! you will have to play with adjustment on seed to get it right. blades don't last long ( but what does that comes in contact with soil) kind of a pain to replace the blades but you get good at it the 3rd or 4th time. think it ran about $40 for blades last time I replaced mine. go ahead and get belt and idler pulley when you order blades.
  6. Craig Jones

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    We bought our F-20 bluebird seeder in 96. So far only had to replace blades, drive belt. etc. Usually get good results with it. I think $600.00 is a good price if it is in good condition. We have to be careful with ours if there are rocks or surface roots, the machine will hit them pretty hard. Otherwise, no complaints.

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