Good software at an even better price, which one?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by nherweck, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. nherweck

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    A few years ago I sold everything to focus on college, but now I'm back and trying to get a good start this year. My problem in the past had a lot to do with record keeping. I've always used Quick Invoice Pro, as it was a free download and kept track of all purchases, etc. in a filing cabinet. Horrible records if you ask me; I want it all on the computer so I can stow away papers and keep it on the computer.

    I've looked at a few programs:
    Groundskeeper Pro
    Gopher Software
    Lawn Pro

    They're on the list by price, highest first. I can get away with Gopher basic for the $100, and Lawn Pro is only $74. Groundskeeper is something like $400 if I remember correctly. I'm getting a decent return from taxes with my current job, so I could ultimately buy any of those programs. Would I be wrong to get Lawn Pro & Quickbooks Pro? Or should I pay the extra $326ish for Groundskeeper Pro & Quickbooks?

    Thanks everyone!
  2. StBalor

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    I used lawn pro last year. It is a good enough program for the money. I used lawnpro2. this year they have a lawnpro3. I played around with the demo, but i like lawnpro2 better. Lawnpro2 gave me a few problems, most of which were my fault and after a quick email to support was easily worked out. I am gonna stick with lawnpro2 again this year.
    I also played around with the groundskeeper demo. I liked this program also, but at 400.00 i am gonna stick with lawnpro2 to start. When the money starts coming in again i might get groundskeeper to mess with it and to see if i like it better.
  3. M&MLawn

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    It depends exactly what you are looking for. I dont need routes scheduled or any of that....just billing really. I use quickbooks simple start. It is a free download on their website. It does all our invoicing (email or print) and keeps track of everything with some nice reports as well. I may upgrade to quickbooks pro at some point but right now I see no advantage.

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