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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Lawn RX 10, Jul 6, 2010.

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    OKay, excuse any dumb questions but i am clueless about cars of any sort.

    Im trading my car in for a personal/business truck, my car payment now is 300 and i hope to get 5 for the car. I would like to get something 4x4 small cab and a big bed but am having tough time finding....Ill buy used....All the truck needs to be abl to do is pull a 6x12 trailer with a max of two walkbehinds and etc. Maybe need a trailer to support mulch? Weight issues? I plan on boarding the sides of the bed up for leave and stuff. I would like my car payment to be no more then 400 a month with means if i plan on getting five for my car now then i will need to find a truck for 25 or less. Any help would be great!
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    Go get a brand new 1/2 ford or chevy both will be below 300 a month if you have decent credit (600+) and if you own your car outright. Silverado F150...
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    Just ran the numbers for you. 26500 for a new long bed regular cab f150 1400 for tax 500 for tag and registration. 750 in dealer fees doc stamps etc. total of 29150 - trade allowance of 5000 leaves 24150- 3500 in factory rebates amount financed of 20650. 371 per month 8.9% interest at 72 months. You have to take that rate for a month and then refinace because you want the 1000 rebate from FMC. A conservative rate from a credit union or bank would be 5.9 State farm would be 5.19 here... That will drop you close to 300 a month.

    Chevy 25385+TTT (1875)+ 750 dealer fee doc stamps etc. 319 a month at 0% interest 72 months.
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    If it's your first - DO NOT buy something new. This country is addicted to debt (many will never live out of debt the rest of thier lives.)

    Instead, find one that is in good shape used for less than $10k. Plenty out there for that. Research on and for resale values. Don't get too caught up on what brand/engine/etc. You could do this work with a Toyota/Ranger/Nissan compact if you wanted. Start small, get it paid for quickly, and then after you have savings (remember what that is?) perhaps you can start looking at something more.
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    I agree, do not buy something new. Get on craigslist. I saw an 04 F150 Supercab 4x4 Lariat edition with 8k original miles for like 17,000. Thats a new truck with every option you can imagine.
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    In 17 years and over 400,000 miles of driving, I have yet to ever own a veichle that has a warranty in effect. I have a AAA motor club membership, and in a few occasions, the 100 miles of free towing has really paid off. Otherwise, aside from routine maintance, and occasional part failures that are common on veichles with some age and miles on them, my veichles have always been inexpensive to maintain overall. For certain, much less than the initial $3600/year that a $300 per month payment amounts to.

    What isn't taken into account with a new verses used truck or car purchase too often is that of depreciation. If you buy a new truck for $25k, it looses over 30% of it's value the first year alone, and just keeps on going downhill from there. But you still own money for the initial cost, not what it's worth presently. So even if you need to sell it at some point, you will still own the entire purchase amount and are "upside down" on the rest.

    Whereas if you purchase used for less than half the cost of new, it will still depreciate, but much more slowly than a new veichle. It winds up being a very high cost for being "secure" with your truck or car, but as others have found out, this does not guarantee a reliable, trustworthy vechile either.

    There are situations that do dictate buying new; however for most people, a used vechile makes much better economic sense and having anything you buy inspected by a professional mechanic is far better of a plan (for about an hour of labor at going rate) than buying an unnesscicary "extended warranty" for $1200 or more. See, there's a reason car salespeople push these warranties and other types of "security enhanced" options when buying new or "certified pre-owned." What is it? It's money - in thier pocket. And that's what they are there to do.
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    Hmmm... Starter truck. Gonna be something nearly unkillable, and will have to have good power, because towing the first time people tend to try and take off too fast, and damge their vehicle. So, I say find a 7.3 in a 250 with 100k or less miles, and the 6 speed. Or, if you're careful, you could buy one with the R4100.
  10. dhunterd08

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    I think you hit the nail on the head. Fo example, that 2004 cost over 40k new. It has 8,000 miles on it. Saw it reposted today for 16500. Less than half the price for a brand new truck. Who wants to watch themselves put the first scratch on a new truck anyway.....

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