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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by luv2mow, Nov 1, 2005.

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    Need some help purchasing a new tiller. Need one which is heavy duty for maintaining some rough pasture land. Its not a big area as to need a disc or such. A walk behind tiller would do as i can use it for smaller jobs. A Baretto tiller is out of my price range but something heavy duty a must. Any suggestions would be greatly aprreciated! I always figure nothing is a bargain if its not what you really want or need so I am willing to spend what it takes. Thanks!
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    Hello, I have a 42" belt drive for my Garden Mower, I was worried that it wasnt a pto / shaft driven......We use it on our pasture or paddock areas all the time....we use it in our yard to prep for flower beds as well.....I had gotten an Airiens rear tine tiller a 6 or 7 hp....but it just didnt compare to the tractor model [ even though its a pain to keep swtiching between that and the mower]....Good Luck:rolleyes:

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