good time to get a sd card camcorder.

Discussion in 'Christmas Trees & Seasonal' started by David Gretzmier, Jan 4, 2011.

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    As I am rushing to finish up filming my new jobs and old jobs that had signifigant add-ons, I'd thought I'd post a reminder here about cameras.

    Now is a good time to buy a non-HD camera as it seems they are going out of style. I just bought a JVC camcorder that records directly to an SD card, has a 60x optical zoom, with a 3 inch lcd screen for 159 bucks at best buy.

    I do not reccomend the new flip or bloggie type cameras or using a still-type camera for shooting video. they do a poor job and you really need about a 40x optical zoom or more to film videos that help your guys do the installs. I'd also stay away from HD cameras as the videos won't play on most computers.

    I also do not reccomend sony memory stick camcorders as most laptops or netbooks do not have a memory stick port.

    Also, as new netbooks with 10 inch led screens are being sold at walmart now for $198, it makes sense to just put all your videos on a sd card, transfer them all to the hard drive on a cheap netbook, keep the SD card as a backup, and then use the netbook to select and watch videos before hanging a job.

    In the past we used a camera that either created a single dvd for each job and those got scatched or lost by the install crews so I had to refilm tons of jobs each year, and our last camera was a hard drive type which forced us to find the cables every year, then transfer those to dvd's and we had to pay someone 6-700 per year to alphabetize/organize videos, label and and burn 5 sets of 5 dvds.

    we are done after this year of trying to keep up with about 250 videos. since decent dvd players with 9 inch screens cost 120 bucks and we seem to buy 2 of them to replace broken ones every year, moneywise it makes sense this year to film all new jobs on sd card. we then, instead of paying someone to organize the videos and burn dvd's we will spend that money on new netbooks for the crew. we will also put free map software on each for local maps to replace and supplement gps. I may think of other uses for the netbooks.

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