Good tires for all weather performance on a truck

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by DA Quality Lawn & YS, Sep 27, 2012.

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    I need to replace my tires on my Dodge Dakota. 265-70-16's.
    I want to inquire what tires y'all run on your trucks and what might be a good mid-priced option to go with.

    I pull a 7x14 enclosed with my truck during the growing season. I also do snowblowing in the winter, but my truck is not a plow truck I run my snowblower in the truck bed to do residential blowing. So what I am saying is I need some decent winter traction in addition to warm season traction. All purpose tire.

    Any suggestions?
    Right now I am considering (but will look at others):
    Cooper AT3
    General Grabber HTS

    I have gotten quotes just north of $600 installed for these two tires (Coopers slightly more than the Generals). I would prefer not to go too much over this total price.

  2. Mark Oomkes

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    I bought some of the Cooper AT3s for my son's Grand Cherokee. I am going to give them a try on one of my 350's next. Looks like a very nice tread pattern for year round, despite having dedicated snow tires for them, I still like to have decent tread for mud and rain.

    Hoping they are a cheaper alternative to BFG's.
  3. jbturf

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    ive been happy with michelins on many of my trucks

    long wearing
  4. kawakx125

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    i've had good luck with nitto terra grapplers
  5. tinkerlawn

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    I currently run the cooper at/3 that came with my truck and haven't had any problems. Im also running some michelin at/2's on another truck and have been extremely satisfied with they way they are wearing. Though I did not purchase from them, I found a ton of helpful information on You can see what others are saying that have the same model truck as yours, see what specific tires they are running, and what kind of comments they have about them.
  6. Mr.LaVere

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    Cooper AT/3 are great! Also try they offer a Cooper ATP for slightly cheaper. It's a great tire that Cooper makes specifically for

    These will be my next purchase for the 2013 mowing season.
  7. Raymond S.

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    Bridgestone Revo 2. My wife works at TireRack and they are highly recommended. Call and talk to a salesman. Regardless of how little or how big of a sale they will fill your ears with knowledge. Great people.
  8. Mr.LaVere

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    The Revo 2's are great tires! But they do cost quite a bit more than the Coopers and most other brands. Hankook ATM's are another good tire for this industry. IMO
  9. jones68

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    the first thing i do when i get a truck is get online and buy a set of used rims. usually from ebay i can find a guy selling his stock rims because he upgraded to some fancy wheel. i then run an all terrain tire on one set and a good snow/mud tire on the other. i have been having great luck with mastercraft tires. i run the courser LTR in the summer and the courser MT in the winter. great tires great price!!
  10. Raymond S.

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    Coopers are great also. Had them on two trucks. They are a very soft tire though and wear fast if you're pulling a trailer very often or running them in a torquey diesel truck.
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