Good tires for all weather performance on a truck

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    If you're going from a standard (truck) all-season radial to an A/T, expect a small reduction in MPGs. A/Ts are heavier/beefier.

    Also, low rolling resistance (LRR) tires may improve MPGs...but, they will also increase required braking distances and possibly reduce handling capabilities - mandating the driver to even further anticipate daily issues on the road.
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    Valk makes a good point. With a diesel truck like mine the MPG difference will be less noticeable, but still present. My truck gets 16-17 in town empty and 15-16 around town doing work with my 16' trailer. I currently am running BFG ATs and plan to go up to 17" wheels and switch to Cooper AT/3's or their ATP's which are only offered by Dicount tire
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    I have had the following

    Michelins highway tread nice smooth quite ride lasted about 65k expensive

    Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs Awesome snow tire mpg down just a bit 35k expensive for how long they last

    General AT2 so far so good think its an in between from the above price average

    tire size was 265 75 16E on a Chevy Duramax with lots of towing

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    I am also running the BFG A/T's on my dodge and love them. Quiet on road, with great hold off road. I can still get good mileage, but I had 35 M/T's on before.

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