Good tool for removing fruits from Date Palms?

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  1. For the guys that leave a full canopy and ONLY remove the fruits, what tool do you use as you obviously know the spines are a big problem....
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    I know a standard or power pruner cant do that. I know this guy from Brazil and he brought with him this machete' on pole.
    He can slice a washingtonia palm frong faster than a power pruner.
  3. Anyone use a lopper attachment on a pole saw maybe??
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    I love my Fiskar Pruner. Even though it's not quit as durable as a commercial unit, the articulating head and the rope-less design is well worth it. I just love not having to untangle the cord constantly.

    Even when you are at full reach you can still pull the bottom orange knob off to make the cut if you can't reach the handle.

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    The best tool I have used is a modified soybean hook. The wooden handle comes loose and pulls off in no time. But if you weld a long piece of rebar to it as a handle then a cross piece for a really good grip you can slice through green fruit stems very quick and clean.

    The problems are... it has to be kept very sharp and it wont cut any dead/brown parts like the sheath that covers the fruit as it emerges.

    We use a lift and a variety of tools like pole saw, loppers, hand pruners, hand saw, I don't have a welder and my last soybean hook broke a few years ago :( I need to get another one made.

    Seems to take us about 1 M/H per tree with clean up and everything. We have one estate where we do 45 of them every year we are right about the halfway point now.
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    The Fiskars pruner with the articulating lopper head is the tool of choice for dealing with the seed bunches on palm trees. Especially date palms.
  8. Thanks for all the replies fellas. I have only done one so far and it only has about 3-4' of clear trunk but sits atop a hill for better drainage. What I did was take a 3 ft A-frame and remove the spines closest to the base of the palm and then remove the fruits but this was a 2 hr job and I figured someone has a better way. Trust me, the norm in Florida is to turn date palms into pineapples even if the already have Mg def. I only leave a full canopy on my palms, but it is more time comsing to remove fruits that way, especially on a ladder.
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