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Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by GreenI.A., Sep 16, 2011.

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    So yesterday I'm working with a couple of my guys finishing a regrade and reseed of a property. I walk around to the front and see the customer's landscaper is doing the lawn next store and I assume he will see us working and skip the yard, we're in the back with the dump and skidsteer but they will see my pickup up the long driveway. Half hour later I send one of my guys to go pick up supplies in my truck, and tell him to take the spreader out first so that we can fert and seed while waiting for him. When my guy goes out front to grab the spreader he comes back and says it's not there. So I walk around and see the landscaper packing up next door and pull of with a spreader on the truck.

    I jump in my dump and catch up to him the scaper at a light where I can clearly see that it is my spreader. 100% positive it is mine. I pull up beside him and tell him to just give me the spreader back and I wont cause a problem. He tells me to go f myself and rolls up the window. I get out of my truck but the light turns green and he pulls off. I call the police but before I get transfered through a officer flagged us both down to pull over. Turns out he was on a detail and due to my rage I hadent noticed him just ahead. The guy tried to deny it, I explain to the officer that it has a serial number and I can prove it is mine, and that I can have a document with a matching serial number within the half hour. Couple more officers showed up and had us wait while my guy ran back to the shop and grabbed the serial number sticker off of the box. They called JDL to confirm the selling price and arested the landscaper for felony theft. The best part was the home owner drove by when we were waitting on the side of the road, when I came back she asked me what happened. I'm pretty sure he lost her as a customer, and since she is friends with the neighbor, he probably lost that one aswell
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    Wow there are a lot of thieves in this world. Glad you got it back and hopefully that guy learns a lesson but I doubt it.
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    Post the name of the company to help other LCO's in your area. Otherwise why post?
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    What town were you in?
  5. GreenI.A.

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    I was working in West Roxbury, we i caught up to him I think we were in Jamaica Plain
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    I bet that dude is sorry he didn't just hand it over when you pulled along side him. I sure as hell hope that your customer fires him...he's a thief. Who wants a thief on their property?

    I know you said the spreader was in your truck, but just a side note to everyone. Never leave your equipment on the curb. Items left on the curb are generally considered abandoned property and can legally be taken! There are some exceptions. In some areas items left on the curb become the property of the municipality.
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    when the guy took it it was sitting in the driveway, it's a good 200' foot driveway so it was clearly on the customers property. I'm guessing that when he pulled up the driveway he noticed us outback and saw the spreader so he just grabbed it quick. It was a generic named companybut the sign said he was an LLC, I checked online and he isn't registered as an LLC , no commercial plates so I'm gonna guess no GL insurance either. The officer did ticket him for improper registration as he had a sign on the truck and trailer with passenger plates.
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    what the hell is Morkman's comp?

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