Good use for old fire extinguisher

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by olderthandirt, Dec 18, 2003.

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    I found a good use for old fire extinguisher They are fantastic to make giant cans of bee and wasp killer. I finished mine up in the summer and tested it so I will share the Idea. I went and got a few old extinguisher from the place that inspect and fills them. unscrew the top and clean the powder out, I then drilled and tapped a hole for a valve stem and inserted one. on the hose I used a piece of copper ice maker line about 15 ft long, I suppose you could use copper flexible gas line as long as its a small diameter.
    I have a friend that told me what they use when they get called out to a house because of wasp, hornets, bees, all those stinging buggers. You won't believe this but its SEVEN DUST the cheap home & garden center seven dust. Anyway unscrew the top put in a cup of dust and then put about 75 pds of air from the compressor in it. Unroll the copper tubing, watch where the wasp are going in and out insert tube and give em a shot, any of them that gets hit die immediately the rest track it back to the nest and in less than an hr. there all dead! I Thought maybe some of you might need to rid a few nest next yr and this works 100% perfect you can stand on the ground and do 2 story homes if your tubing long enough. You can't legally charge as you need to be lisc. as an exterminator but my friend says its $75 for them to come out and do it so maybe it could be one of those little extras you could throw in for fee I mean free! I thought this might fit in with the thread about the air tanks, as that is what I use to fill mine if I do more than 1 place in a daypayup

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    Hmmmm, OTD, you might be on to something there. I may give that a whirl.
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    interestign concept, maybe i will look into that
  4. JB1

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    would make a heck of a squirt gun to.
  5. Pecker

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    How do you get pressure into the extinguisher to blow out the dust? Cool idea BTW, and thanks for the tip. Do you reckon it'd kill Hornets too?
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    Where you tapped the hole insert a tire valve stem and fill away!
    and its killed I think the guy called them bald face hornets but I know it kills mud dobbers yellow jackets and wasps. And what really amazed me was how fast it wiped the whole nest out:gunsfirin
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    Ok. . .thanks,
    Also, how many psi? Would you fill the tank full, half way, etc.?
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    olderthandirt, I'm going to try the fire extinguisher thing - great tip!

    Many years ago I used to hang vinyl siding and there's nothing quite like stirring up a hornets nest when you're 15'-20' off the ground on a 12" walk board. We used to carry a can of the cheapest hair spray we could find and one squirt will knock down in mid air. I guess it really screwed up there ability to flap those little wings. The nest would still be there but the flying ones were on the ground.
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    I think he said 7.5 psi ... no, wait ... that was 5.7 ... no, no - that can't be right ... hmm, let me think on that one.
  10. Pecker

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