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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jlewis, Jan 15, 2003.

  1. jlewis

    jlewis LawnSite Member
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    I am new to the site and have only been mowing PT for the past year. (I know, you true commercial guys hate me.) The yards I do now are family related. I cut a 1/4 acre flat w/ a 22" 6spd. push mower and a 2 acre w/ a Craftsmen 44" rider. The larger lot is basicly one steep hill. I had to add 50 lbs to the front of the mower so it would track half way decent. I also do my own yard that is an acre w/ a MTD 42" rider.

    I have the ability to aquire a '97 Toro 62" WB Float/Electric start 18hp Kohler. It was sold new in '00 and traded in '02. (yes, the delaer had it for almost 3 years.) No hr meter, but they guess 250. They are asking 3k for it.

    Is this thing overkill for me? I would need a trailer to move it. Is it a good deal? I am sure it would help w/ my yard, what about the 2 acre hill?

    I am think a 42" would work better for all yards involved.

  2. kutnkru

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    The unit probably has two full seasons worth of use on it, between the original purchaser, and those who have demoed the unit over the past three years while it was trying to be turned by your dealer.

    I would think a starting bid on your part of $1800 is probably not too bad an estimate. I personally wouldnt go more than $2500, unless thing is shiny from top to bottom.

    Best of Luck!!!
  3. geogunn

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    JL--is it a hydro or a belt unit? if it's a hydro, it sounds good to me. if it's a belt--pass. unless like kutkrew says you can get it for about $1800.

    there are many belt drive units out there in the 48-52 inch range that can be had for less than $3k and have a warranty. lesco make a great mower for $2200.

    I have no experince with toros. my pricing is by how it FEELS....

    and yes, the unit isprobably overkill for your needs. but I like overkill most of the time. there is no such thing as a hammer TOO BIG! good luck.

  4. jlewis

    jlewis LawnSite Member
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    It is belt. Not shiney, but not beat up.

    Yeah, the "guy" thing says ooh, 62" lets get it. If it would be more hassle than anything it would not be worth it. Since this is part, part time, (home improvement / PSU @ night is part time) the Mrs is fighting me. Her cousins hubby has 2 Toro 44" WB belt for his business and swears by 'em.

    Your guys high end is were I was thinking of starting. Thanks for the reality check.

  5. cklands

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    Are you planning on getting more accounts?
  6. lawn dawg

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    I owned both the hydro and belt drive 44" toro w/b.
    Sold the belt drive.
    Hydro is the only way to go.
    3k for a belt drive seems high to me.
    Watch for auctions or check a local trading times paper.
    Just my thoughts. :D
  7. Rhett

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    Good decision. Three thousand for a 5 year old belt drive walk behind? The dealer was doing you no favors
  8. jlewis

    jlewis LawnSite Member
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    To Cklands - I was not planning on getting the two I have! Thruth be told, I do enjoy it - always have enjoyed doing mine. To me it is good for clearing my head. Right now the two are close to my day job, so I cut them after 5pm. I am able to get both done by the time it gets dark for the most part. My thoughts are to try to maximize my mowing time. I would not mind getting a few more accounts, but home improvement is my primary side business. I am also carrying 9 credits this semester and tend to go to school year round. (Fall, Spring and both summer sessions) This limits my "free" time. If I can reduce the amount of time I spend mowing - even if it is just my yard, I free up family time. You know, a happy wife, a happy family!

    From what I am hearing, get a new 44 - 52 hydro, floating, take the three year financing option, get a warranty greater than 30 days and go to town.


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