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    This is a message from Adam White, president of He has been helping connect lawn care and landscaping business owners to new clients for the past 10 years. During that time, Lawn Care Directory has become the green industry’s leading lawn care and landscaping company directory.

    Last year I posted a similar post in here with a special on joining Lawn Care Directory.

    View the post here: (you can read about Lawnsite members who have used Lawn Care Directory in that thread as well)

    This lawn care season I am pulling out all the stops.

    March 2011 - Get 50% off last years price for a limited time only!

    What is is a US directory of lawn care and landscaping service providers. When people are looking for a qualified company to service their property they come to us.

    How will Lawn Care Directory help your business?
    You will get new clients. With up to 30,000 visitors a month looking for lawn service and landscape contractors you will get estimate requests by both phone and email.

    How do people find
    With #1 rankings in Google for terms like “landscaping companies” and “lawn service” the site gets up to 30,000 visitors in a month.

    Will this work in your area?
    Lawn Care Directory ranks #1 on Google for hundreds of local terms. Just go to Google and search the term “lawn service {your state}” ie “lawn service Arizona”, or do that same thing for the phrase “{your state} landscaping companies” the list goes on and on.

    Benefits of Joining
    We recently updated our system on how we provide leads to lawn care and landscaping business owners.

    1. New members of Lawn Care Directory can choose every city they service. When someone fills out the request quote form on the site from your service area you get sent the lead.
    2. We rotate listings in the directory. We understand that there are more than just one company per city so we rotate who shows up first so that all companies have an equal chance of getting leads.
    3. Exclusive Leads. We give you your own company profile page on our site that people will use to request an estimate from you. 95% of leads go right through a company’s profile page. Only your company gets the leads through this page.
    4. We don’t charge per lead. Whether you get 5 leads a month or 500 you only pay one small annual fee.
    5. We list your phone number right on the state page. We know that we can’t track leads when people call you instead of filling out a form but we want to make sure potential clients can contact you as quickly as possible.

    How much does it cost?
    I am offering a member special. If you sign up through this offer I am going to let you join for 60 days for just $1.

    After that the price is just $99 per year. That is 50% off last years price.

    I want to make sure that now that the hot season is upon us we have every city in the United States covered.

    How Many Leads Can I Expect?
    Every area of the country is different. I can’t guarantee anything. Some companies do no other form of advertising. Try it for 60 days and see if it will work for you.

    All you need is one new client and your membership easily pays for itself.

    Go to to get your 60 day trial period. I don’t know how long I can keep the pricing this low so sign up now.

    This offer will end April 15, 2011


    Adam White
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    Do you have any other directories for other service industries as well as the lawn care?
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    No we focus just on the lawn care industry.
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    How do you cancel your subscription/registration to the Lawn Care Directory?
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    You can cancel through Paypal or email me your sign up date and I will take care of it for you.


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