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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by get rich, Apr 16, 2002.

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    :confused: i need some good web sites with good color pictures of crab grass and some other unwanted types uf grass and maybe picture good grasses for lawns.i'm trying to identify some types for my co-workers and print pictures. any help would be great,thanks:)
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    Get Lesco to get you a poster. I have posted threads titled "on-line training" and stuff with tons of photos.
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    get rich,

    you won't find any crabgrass in your lawns in Northern IL this time of year! Soil must be 55 - 60 degree F for 3-6 consecutive days before this annual grass will germinate. Mid May to early June is prime time for crabgrass germination here. If you have a dull green, broad leafed grass mixed with your Kentucky Bluegrass it may be quackgrass (a cool season perrenial) or tall fescue (though tall fescue will be more of a bright shinny green). Quackgrass grows faster than Kentucky Blue and is real noticable when the grass needs mowing.

    Check out the U of I web site. They have some good photos. The Illinois Pesticide Applicator Training Manual, also published by U of I does a good job of discussing the weed grasses. The best way to ID a grass is through the analysis of growth type, presence of stolons and/or rhizomes, blade characteristics, vernation (rolled or folded), auricles, ligules, collars and sheath. Good luck.

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