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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by larryflint, Dec 26, 1999.

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    Please submit this site to the lawn care directory.!
  3. larryflint

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    It is obvious that you idiots have<br>no interest in the education of<br>lawn care contractors. You are just greedy webmasters who only<br>care about your own selfish commercial interests.<p>Goodbye and good luck to all.
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    LarryFlint,<p>The directory is a free reference for ALL people interested in lawn care.<p>If you submitted it to the directory you would never have to worry about this educational site being lost in the threads.<p>You should further research your comments before you leave them.<p>You have banned yourself from posting on this forum again. Calling a webmaster who provides you with a valuable free resource an idiot is not appreciated.
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    Chuck,<br>I think it is obvious by the post above, and others posted by Flint in the Forum, who the idiot is. Anyone with the common sense to read these post's and appreciate them will also know this. We have all seen or known people like this before and most of them are a tiny shell of what they think they are.<p>Any true business person appreciates this forum, and any other source of information available to help make the day to day operations of a Lawn Care/Landscape business easier.<p>Ban this person and any others who post remarks of a similar nature.<p><p>----------<br>Greg Pierce, CTP<br>Lawnmasters Lawn & Landscape
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    Thanks Chuck, If anyone wants to get nasty and obnoxious there are plenty of places to do that on the www. This is a tough business for anyone to be in or get started in and we should all gather and share information in a professional manner. Personally, I find it quite refreshing to be able to get on line and talk with others about our specific line of work. Lets keep the trash on the curb where it belongs and have a good time!<br>One more thing, there is always room to grow your business and that begins by growing your mind!
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    For Florida just type FLORIDA LAWN HANDBOOK into your browser. I'm not sure of the web adress. It is put out by University of Florida/Institute of food and agricultural sciences. You can also purchase it from your local county, Florida Cooperative Extension Service office. It has everything you need to know about lawn/landscape maintainence from pest/ disease identification and treatments, proper mowing heights,proper fertilization,IPM; to what to include in a landscape maintenence contract, how to choose a landscape service(not that anyone would need that). It has alot of useful info, check it out.
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    Another good link.

    I think this thread wins for most guest per thread.
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    I'm confused.
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    Me too. Did we miss something?:confused:

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