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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Green-Pro, Feb 26, 2005.

  1. Green-Pro

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    Well its been one week since my last and final day of work for an employer.........aaahhhhhhhhh....... Some of you may remember when I said last fall I had turned in my resignation, they let me work until the 18th of Feb. it was a good company to work for, but being stuck in an office, and all the crappola that began to thread its way down due to sarbanes oxley act, my lord it was choking the very life out of me :help: I had been getting things ready since last fall to have legal, insured and licensed business in place. This last week has been very active 3 commercial acts signed 9 res. some fairly minor landscape jobs lined up (tear out old shrubs, remove rock, replace, etc.) 3 more commercial acct. estimates on the table, 3 more res., will submit bid on a small towns mowing and a bid on one other public place :) Whew!! Please forgive me for sounding like I'm tooting my horn, I'm just really pleased with how this is coming together, kinda scary to my first ads don't start running until this coming week. Hope all are having a successful spring.

  2. AssuredServicesCo

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    How were you able to locate the companies looking for bids? Stopping by, letters, or public bid notices. Just curious. I need a few commercial accounts and have been looking. Any info. is appreciated. Good luck with your new business. Rock On. By the way what is your age?
  3. lawnranger44

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    Congratulations! I'm sure nobody minds if you toot ur horn a little, every business owner like to brag a little bit and this is the perfect place to do it! :waving:

    You're gonna have a great season!
  4. yrdandgardenhandyman

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    Yeah. It gives the rest of us a goal and some hope and encouragement. Congratulations. :drinkup:
  5. Eho

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    congrats on the progress made so far...just wondering, what means of advertising have you been using? sounds like its working
  6. lawnlubber

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    The only thing I miss is having health insurance. Hopefully your covered on your wife's policy because it is EXPENSIVE if you are on your own.
  7. Green-Pro

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    I will be forty in June :) just beginning to enter my prime, figure my prime will last at least thirty years or so LOL!!

    As others here have elaborated I knew some people and have been able to make contacts that way, think of all the folks you know and what occupation/job they do, see if there is any type of shoestring tie in to what you are doing. I started handing out business cards as soon as I got them, to anyone and everyone, I'd stop for gas, hand some out to the clerk and boom, one time I did that was invited to provide estimate for business establishment and his residence, got them both. Some of the public places around here are taking bids now, depending on how far you want to work, get online and check all local papers. I am placing ads in a local shopper type advertising paper, one ad will run four weeks, will change some text and offerings, then run ad four weeks again. I've seen some guys around here handing out doorhangers and such, but to just get the wheels turning I want to see how ads will do, also leave cards and some homemade fliers every where I can, these few things will make measurement of ad success easier on me and allow me to try some new strategies at a pace I'm comfortable with and as I see fit. Oh yeah knocked on a few doors and sent out a bunch of introduction letters as far as commercial accts. are concerned, if they don't lead to anything this year (most figure current years budget previous year) it will at the very least get some name recognition, especially by following up once or twice before next years bids.
    I try to portray and play up I'm in this full time, completely licensed and insured, use logo I had done on designoutpost on business cards, letterhead, envelopes, shirts, etc.
    I'm not saying that by this taste of success so far that I think things will be easy, I have had to do a lot of running here and there and the feelgood thing with some folks but heck it's working so far. :waving:

    Check out farm bureaus HSA policy through BC/BS, my wife quit teaching three years ago and we are paying our own premiums for health insurance, with the HSA (health savings account) you'd be surprised at how reasonable full coverage is.

    thanks guys

  8. aries

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    Sounds great goodluck to you!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Toy2

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    Great job, never look back,

    I will be 41 or 42 in July, not sure..stopped counting at 35......I agree about the 'being in your prime".

    I have 6 or 7 res. accounts and have sent letters out to real estate companies that manage large commercial accounts, nothing yet....but I am not going to stress about it, did a job for a local lawyer, metal edging, weed block, mulch, came out great...made $300.00 in 4 hours....rolling in the dough!!!!

    Anyway keep me and the rest of this crazy group up to date on your endeavor!!! :)
  10. Flex-Deck

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    green-pro Sounds like you are getting off to a very solid start. Keep it up. and Good Luck.

    Thanks, Brad

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