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Goodbye To All

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I can no longer participate in this forum due to the heavy handed pratices of the<br>administrator.<p>When someones asks an on topic message and<br>when a person answers that question with a<br>simple URL that is not considered advertising.<p>What you have done &quot;administrator&quot; (who ever your are) is deprive someone who uses this<br>forum for needed information.<p>I can not longer be part of this dog and pony show.


Moderator, Friend, Angel
South East
Lawrence you must be softening up giving your enemies on here the satisfaction of you leaving. I bet Retro has uncorked the shampane. Say it aint so Larry. lol


LawnSite Member
I have a novel idea for you Stone, why don't you start your own forum and see how many people want any part of your BS. Like a bad penny you will return soon.

AB Lawn Care

LawnSite Senior Member
Lawrence Stone has his own forum!I was on it last night and half the topics where on how this fourm stinks!That may be one reason that they have few members!I did see sevral posts from people that are on this forum as well!I will miss some of stoners funny answers but I won't miss all the dissucions on off topic arguments!SEE YA STONER!Hope you have a better time on your own fourm!<br><p>----------<br>from:Adam<br>AB Lawn Care
Not open for further replies.