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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dfw-internetmarketing, Oct 9, 2010.

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    Wow we did it !

    We have ramped up our team in an effort to get the most for our Christmas Light Installers

    We have dominated every market we go into.
    Take a moment and see the sneak peak video . I loaded this video
    on youtube instead of on the Christmas Light Installer University because I was too excited to wait for the office staff to get
    to work this morning.
    Christmas Light Installer Google Domination and software video

    No Black hat methods used. Google loves it when you follow all the rules.

    We are expecting a a flood of new leads this year. We want you to
    get them all. Don't assume we have sold your city if you do a
    zip-code search and it says we service that area. We are in fact
    collecting leads in the hopes that we will sell all of the:weightlifter:

    That means there may be leads waiting on you when you join us.

    Even if have decided to not to hang Christmas Lights this year,
    you need to see this video to see what it can do for your lawn
    mowing or painting business.

    Ok that's it guys here is a great video.

    Check back in the University for a few new product reviews and of
    course this video will be there in just a couple of days.


    Tanner, Christmas Light Installer

    424 East Main Street, Suite 105, Lewisville, TX 75057, USA
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    That's good, and you can call it what you want but if I'm having a bad day because folks are interfering with my organic results
    that I've acquired by merely existing peacefully on the web over many years and I am thinking some folks are spamming the engine?
    Don't say I didn't give fair warning, I'll fill out a report faster than the responsible folks can say banned!
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  4. dfw-internetmarketing

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    I think that when you can help lawn guys get customers and revenue in the winter you should definitely put every ounce of effort into helping them.

    It amazes me that with the huge product we are rolling out ( the best amazing marketing platform and software to run your Christmas light business) I still manage to get at least one hater.

    Topsites you should come to my site , go through my videos, check out our rankings, see how we have poured thousands of man-hours into our online marketing and then you should give a testimonial for how inexpensive our products are. We make everything affordable for lawn care guys and genuinely want to help.

    I don't hide behind a shield. My name is Tanner Maxson of Lewisville Texas. I own and a few other sites that explain both who I am and what I can do for you.

    I have been a member of this site for about 4-5 years under the name lawn_jockey and have both contributed and learned a lot from this community.

    Some of the time I think people get on here not to learn and not to help, but they just want to build themselves up by tearing others down.

    I don't know anything about you topsides other than you get ticked when other people move in front of you on google. That happens with hard work. Competition can be friendly. Camaraderie dude.
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  5. h2oskier

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    Tanner give me a shout, interested in the christmas light deal also
  6. topsites

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    No sir, I don't touch other people's sites with a 10-foot pole, don't want none of it, all I'm saying is remember that
    when some fellow gets on the Web yesterday thinks they can own Google in one fell swoop, there are folks out
    there who may not take so kindly to it.

    Now I won't go so far as to split hairs with the folks in their SEO departments when it
    comes down to what is and what is not considered spamming, even thou I could...
    When we get right down into the technicality of what Meta tags are supposed to contain, not to mention the ways in
    which web pages are constructed, once we take these things into consideration I dare say something like 90% of all
    commercial web pages out there are over the border but again I'm not interested in nit-picking it out, in most cases
    that I deal with it's such a clear cut case of spamming, I make very few reports concerning this issue because when
    I do make one there's no question about it.

    As to what raises that question, for example whether a video would do it, to my understanding it's not the
    video(s) per se but how it comes about and as such that may yet be up to individual interpretation.

    Whether it helps or not...
    But is the video there for your visitors, was it placed upon your Web site for them and then you
    inadvertently gained a great deal of rank on Google?
    Or did you put the video on the page knowing full and well what it would do to the rank, while the
    impact upon your visitors was of a secondary consideration?

    Am I making myself clear here?

    That's all.
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  7. topsites

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    Because we have to understand...
    There's folks out there who have been on the Web for many years, at least 1 but in most cases
    it's closer to 2-3, 4, 5, 6-8, 10 or more, you name it, some a dang long time!

    And some work on their own Web sites and others pay money, whatever, whichever, but in most cases
    folks such as these (including myself) have over the years gained some sort of a rank...

    Like in my case, the 5th result down the first page for a secondary search term,
    it's not my favorite, it's far from the best, then it's not even the first result!
    But I have learned to accept that, to live with it, and to leave well enough alone.
    In short, I am happy with the results.

    But I also know my neighbors.
    I know who ranks 4th and 3rd and 6th and 7th and just about everybody on the first page or two I am familiar with,
    because I have studied this over the years because it concerns me to see who is doing what... To the point it's not
    about beating them in the rankings, it's about co-existing with one another.

    So that when number 6 suddenly takes over my number 5 rank, I might let that go...
    But when things get drastic, like when some foreigner who I ain't never seen before in my life
    suddenly takes over the first THREE pages?

    I'm not at that point headed straight to Google's admin department, but you can bet I'm looking into it.
    And if I don't, someone else might.

    All I'm saying in summary, I have learned it is best to take what you can get without trying but so hard,
    do what you can, do the best you can, but take what you can get and leave well enough alone.

    Hope that helps.
  8. dfw-internetmarketing

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    What city do you think would be a great place to earn money hanging Christmas Lights?

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