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    yea honestly i never actually did any research, i basically typed in southbury landscaper, and went to all the diffrent links that popped up from other landscapers and added my listing there as well. im sure it would have been easier to pay someone to do the seo for me but i figure i saved the thousand bucks the website wabted to do the seo by just taking some time and doing it myself.
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    What was/is your experience with manta?
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    Lets see if I can tackle some of the comments and questions here.

    Honestly, you have a poorly optimized Google Places page - but don't worry that only means there's room for improvement.
    1. Add more categories
    2. Add better longer description, use more keywords.
    3. Add better pictures.

    That should get you off to a good start.

    On AdWords,
    Whoever said you can easily run up your bill is correct! and that's also with minimal results.
    A few years ago AdWords was a lot more affortable. Its gotten very competative since
    then and in turn its higher cost per click.

    Bottom line is if you're spending money with adwords you better have a well optimized landing page.
    Sending people to your homepage (in most cases) simply won't cut it. Sending people to the
    homepage has very very low conversion rates - that's the number of ppl that call/email you for a quote.

    I hope this helps
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    I found the information below on Google's website.

    All Google search results are based primarily on relevance, and Google Maps listings are no different. Google Maps ranks business listings based on their relevance to the search terms entered, along with geographic distance (where indicated) and other factors. Sometimes our search technology decides that a business that's farther away from your location is more likely to have what you're looking for than a business that's closer.

    Google Maps and Google Places are a free service, so there's no way to request or pay for a better ranking. We also can't provide additional details about our ranking algorithm. We do our best to keep the details of the algorithm confidential in order to make the ranking system as fair as possible for everyone.
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    Can you explain what you mean by adding your listing to all the different links that popped up from your search? How do you do that? I am attempting to learn about SEO and it sounds like your process was very simple. You can pm me if you prefer.

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    basically what i did was i went on google and searched for lawn care/landscaping/landscaper/whatever in my area, and looked at what popped up, then i went to all the sites that i saw other landscapers had there business name on and added my name to the same sites, i underlined the diffrent sites that came up so you can see [​IMG]
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    I am going to be stupid here, but how do you add your name to a competitors site? For instance, the first result looks to be a competitor. Is it in the keyords or meta?

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    well obviously if its a competitors site then you cant add it, i just underlined all the links so you could see,

    I know you can ad your name to manta,yellow pages,merchant circle ect ect. i just clicked on them all and looked for a add your site button.
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    He's just talking about adding your site to other local directories which is good for back-links linking to your site.

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    you are correct walker.

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