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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by Richard.E.Buck, Aug 22, 2018.

  1. Richard.E.Buck

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    I am starting my business soon and have been putting a lot of time into my website. I have been working on SEO, yet I am not ranking on google. My pages have all been indexed and are being crawled. I am very new to this, and cant figure out what I am doing wrong. If I search my business name, it comes right up. If I search "Lawn care and landscaping company in Hinesville GA", nothing comes up. Thanks for you help ahead of time.
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  2. tonygreek

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    Looks like you haven't posted on lawnsite in years. Have you taken some time to read through the Digital Marketing sub forum, aka the web sub? I'd highly recommend reading old site reviews as they'll be applicable and of help to you. (I'll ping the mods to get this thread moved there.)

    In the meantime, to get you pointed in the right direction...

    - Did you create a Google Search Console (formerly called Webmaster Tools) account? If not, do so, submit a site map, and see what recommendations it gives you, as well as what the revised search index results look like.

    - As it is, you have some technical issues with Google and how it indexes your site. Do a site search in Google and you'll see what I mean. Hit google and enter "" and " Notice the difference in results?

    - Convert your site to HTTPS (secure encryption via an SSL certificate). Best to do it now so visitors don't get the "Not Secure" warning they currently do and, since it's a new site, it won't require a ton of changes for you.

    - Look into optimizing Wordpress for better performance. It's a low weight home page, but it's brutally slow, likely due to optimization and an overtaxed web server (common with the discount hosts).

    I'd do all of the above and then circle back with specific questions. Welcome back and hope to see you participating more in the future. Cheers
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  3. Mumblingboutmowers

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    You should register with Google for a business listing, that way you show up when somebody googles the service you provide in your town. Get a business listing on Bing too. It will help you get more hits on your site and bring it up better in search results. Does the company that you built your website through offer any SEO packages? If so, may be easiest to just pay them for SEO help, but do the Google and Bing business listings on your own though, it's easy.
  4. Richard.E.Buck

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    I appreciate the feedback . A lot of what you guys are talking about I have done. I have a google business that usually ranks 4th. I have a Yoast plugin and have done most of what it says to do. There are a few things it suggests that I don't like. I use host gator, so that may be why its a bit slow. I still don't understand why it won't pull up when I search for lawn care in Ludowici GA.
  5. EverGrow Marketing

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    Tony hits the nail on the head with his suggestions.

    Keep in mind that it can take weeks to months to rank a new website well on Google. 2-6 months is the suggested amount of time to wait, so be patient.

    Submitting a sitemap and requesting a site crawl from Search Console isn't guaranteed that Google will get to your site for indexing/positive ranking signals any quicker, but it is a best practice (you know... in case they actually do).

    Regarding your last message, like I said, it takes time on new websites.

    But also, your site is suffering from a huge lack of content and onsite optimization. For example, if you want to rank for [lawn care Ludowici GA], you need to tell Google that your site is ready to bat for that keyword.

    And part of onsite optimization is having proper header tags, alt-text, and page structure to support that statement.

    You got the right idea by having a page for each of the services you offer, but the pages are moot if the content on them is less than 300 words and there is no optimized alt-text on your images, H1 tags that are not relevant to your targeted keyword, or even that keyword in your content.

    If you're using the Yoast plugin, then plugin "Lawn Care" into the keyword box and optimize your Lawn Care page until both the readability and the SEO score are green.

    Lastly, your service areas pages are all identical in terms of content. You don't want these to have identical content. Google will see and mark these as doorway pages which can get your site penalized in ranking.

    Change up the content a bit. Make it specific to that area without just changing the town in the content.
  6. Richard.E.Buck

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    Sounds good. I will keep working on it. Thanks for the input!
  7. Charles Quinones

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    SEO Ranking is a tricky thing to do. A lot of factors go into it, such as how competitive your area is, how many other businesses are doing the same thing, and how many people are searching in your area.

    Even if you rank now, you can very easily go back down if you don’t know how to constantly maintain it. When it comes to SEO success long term, I suggest hiring an agency that specializes in it.

    It’ll cost some money, but it’ll only make your business way more money in the long run. And you won’t have to constantly worry or focus on it.

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