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    I have built 2 websites recently. (within the past 6 months.) I have added meta tags. I think I have pretty clear content. but for some reason i cant seem to get ranked with google. On both of my sites. I am getting excellent rankings from Yahoo and MSN, based on keywords I used in the meta tags.

    But my rankings stink on google. Any advise guys??? I would be forever indebted.

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    Yup, here's how I do it:

    1) Remove the meta tags, then you'll have to give it time, at least 3-4 months, up to 6 at the most, I like 6.
    2) Then watch your stats and see what people are using to find you.
    3) And, use the most popular keyphrases / words they used in your metas, re-insert and upload.
    Leave it alone, you're done.

    Now you're following the visitor, rather than leading.
    You're cementing what's there, rather than hoping to catch a fly.
    And, it will be awful hard to accuse you of spamming, you had little if anything to do with it, mostly it was accidental or coincidental.
    You're letting it happen, let the pieces fall into place.

    This is what I mean by building the site for your visitors, not the engines.
    So, no spamming of keywords on the page, either, please just let it happen, it works way better.
    No I'm serious, not even one little keyword on a page for that purpose, clean and visitor friendly, for real.

    You might be surprised in the end, I bet a good section of the eventual results will surprise you, more often than not I find visitors use keyphrases completely outside of what I had envisioned.

    If it's too far off and you can see it's untargeted, some likely will be, then you can revamp certain sections of your site to balance it out (text-wise, screen content).

    You can, in time, to gain a notch or so, maybe change one or two words on a page (two at the most) to 'tweak' a bit.
    > Careful here, competitors catch you, watch out lol, just as well leave it be, but I thought I'd mention it.

    Hope that helps.
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    I would start with more text on your page like talking about your service to a potential client a 10 minute talk,

    How many links are pointing towards your site. Towards each page.

    The keywords you have listed for your home page, are they all on the page ?
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    The bit with the links TO your page I'm ok with, and I used to think like you guys because all the SEO garbage on the Internet would lead you to believe their quatsch.

    I'm sorry but you're still building the site for the engines.

    Really, do you really think I really want to really read a page that is really targeted for the keyword really?
    How do you think that looks to a visitor?

    To any fool those are red flags, it has got to strike even the most insipid moron as wrong, something doesn't feel right here.
    Just like when a customer calls and says something they think is super smart, and in turn we RUN because it's a red flag.
    Now you gain a great rank for the keyword really, and in turn fail to gain the trust of any visitor who comes to your site.
    You're being engine savvy, but visitor foolish.

    It's that Yin Yang crap, but don't do this if you want organically targeted ranking.
    Do it the opposite way, backwards if that helps, build the site for your visitors, forget the engines.

    It is hard to get off the SEO crap once it's in your mind, but I highly recommend forgetting about it, then build your site for your visitors.
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    Here's my take on 'optimizing'

    - Clean, error-free, standardized code.
    > ALL of my sites, every last page is coded in 100% error free Xhtml 1.0 transitional (as per w3 specifications), that is a standard.
    >> Browsers choke on errors, they don't crash but the software has to do more work to find a way around it... The less errors for the browser to choke on, the faster it loads (like with tall grass, if it had errors it would be thick lol, sure you can still cut it, but it takes longer, same with code errors, and if it's standardized then the browser completely understands the language, like it's all one type of grass instead of 15 different kinds).

    - Images reduced in size (bytes mostly, but perhaps area as well).
    > I get buttons down to 500 bytes max, banners 3kb max, etc...

    Right-click on this 'new' image and Properties, bet you'll be astounded at the bytes:
    > That's an optimized gif, I'll spoil, it takes up 144 bytes of disk space (hence very little load time).

    That's optimization, with error-free code and slim images your page loads f-f-f-f-ast, not for the engines, for the visitors.
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    I had a company call me over the last couple of days wanting me to buy into a website. Theyu said they could design an impeccable site for me, would set up my domain name, had a constant upgrade policy that I could change things at anytime at no charge, their biggest claim to fam was that I would always "stay at the top" of the search engine sites like google. When I asked how they would do this, the girl just said that the guys had methods of doing so, and that they go into them and upgrade to make sure we stay there. I told the other gal today that I just wasn't that interested, and that she could do my free trial if she wanted to, but I doubted I would do anything with it. That conversation got cut short. So, I guess I did well by telling them I pass?
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    Ok guys I appreciate your posts. However I am basiclly a moron who figured out how to use yahoo site builder.

    As for the meta tags i used, i used pretty simple key words like: Lawn Services in Cape Coral (the City I live in) and so on. Why would I delete that?
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    My first site was/is with yahoo site builder and I receive most of my business from it,
    topsites and I of different opinions, he more the purist (and much more knowledgeable on mechanics of sites) I am someone who does a website for Google and to sell something.

    You're just trying not to hurt my feelings. And I am, or singular Google as more than any other search engine.

    Seriously though somebody told me that he got most his business from the web, he was using yahoo site builder/yahoo hosting

    (which is okay with one site but really expensive if you do more and to transfer a domain away from them is a nightmare)

    and I wanted to stop paying 500 to 1000 a month for advertising, now I pay 10 a month for lawn care, which I took out as I have enough lawn care/mowing/fert customers,
    the same 10 a month for landscaping clients.

    It is about the search engine if you want to be near the top or the top of the first page of a particular search engine.

    So he and I have different points of view about SEO, since search engines keep info about this semi confidential SEO is sort of a testing / voodoo thing.

    You test to see what works and read the past post.

    I spent days going over topsites, jim lewis and MD Vaden sites to see what was working and what wasn't.

    I learned a lot from topsites other fun site and the others and couldn't understand why his lawn site he didn't employ more seo techinques but that is his approach more natural, I'm more chemical/ whatever works and isn't shady or in the gray area.
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    If I had a 20 dollar bill to gamble for every one of those types of calls, and I put the 20 on saying folks like yourself made the right choice, I'd lose few bets... There are very few reputable companies out there, maybe 1 out of a 100 or less is as good as this girl claimed. They all talk like captains of a big sail boat for sure, the question that always nags is, will that big sail of theirs fill with wind?

    Because anybody can get a top ranking, but for what?
    Hey look, I am number 1 for 'this secret keyword combination NOBODY ever searches for'
    And then there is a big whoop, or maybe it is a big fizzle...
    If I had a dollar for every time I made a big fizzle myself, I might not be rich but lets just say I made some good LOL's happen.

    In the end there aren't but so many secrets that don't involve cheating of some kind, if any, for the most part it's hard work, a little horse sense, and time.
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    I too am of the belief that a site needs content and yes does need some repetitive keyword use in the text. So my customer gets sick of reading landscaping??? Doubt it, most customers have an attention span of about 7 seconds, so they will breeze through some pictures,maybe read a paragraph of content that is relevant to what they want, then they call.

    THIS is what you want, the customer to 1. find you 2. call you.

    Simple as that!

    Why wait 6 months? My site has been up for 5 months and top of the page for yahoo landscaper salem nh; landscaping salem nh, now replace salem with windham and you get the same.

    Ditto for google! Oh, we are up there with holiday lights and christmas lights and the local geo as well...

    Optimize today so the customers call ASAP. I don't know any landscapers that have 6 months to wait, not at this time of year!

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