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    whats the best way to get noticed on googles web searches? we are already on yahoos first page under st. peters mo lawn care
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    There are several factors. I'm sure you will get some good ideas here, and there are other good resources too (maybe even better).

    I still suggest that people set the benefits of a website, above a top ranking.

    My reasoning is in my page about this stuff...

    But, Google will notice just about anybody eventually. It's just how much the notice you.

    Part boils down to the text on you page, and the tags in the code relating to what people are searching for. You may want to find related companies who will list your website with a link at their site. Suppose you do lawns, and they have a website for a stump grinding service.

    Age of a site plays a good part, according to quite a few experts.

    How much competition you have makes a difference.

    If you are in a big city, you might appreciate the conclusion of my page.
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    I like your site template a lot, especially the header and font selection.

    Ok, you're in the game and I see you there listed in Yahoo! #2. I did the search too in Google but didn't see you anywhere. I point that out because Google is so big these days that your site's performance within it can't be ignored.

    Looking at what Google knows about your site here:,GGLJ:en&

    Only your homepage is indexed. This means that Google only knows about your homepage and any information about your site on the other pages won't be returned. The best way to fix this is to either wait longer or get some links from quality sites. I don't want to open up a can of worms about search engines and linking, but you do need some more links to your site to get it to index more frequently and deeply.

    My biggest suggestion is that you just dont have much content on your site. On your services page, that's a really great image of the paver patio you did! So why don't you have a webpage about "St Peter MO Patio Paver"

    More content, more pages = more visitors.

    Finally, I'm not a fan of the geo listings on your homepage. That could be what's bopping you on Google. Hard to say, but I prefer to always avoid posting long lists of cities because you're writing that not for people but for the search engine. Always write content for eyeballs.

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