Google's new Local Results - SEEN IT?


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Westside Oregon
For anyone interesting in good page position on Google...

Have you seen the new Google Local Search Listings?

It must be more Yellow Page related than they indicate. They do say they utilize Yellow Pages, but I think it's a huge portion.

One key is this:

Go to google and enter:

Portland Tree Services

That's brings Google local results with it's compass icon. That's a yellow page listing term.

Now, enter:

Portland Arborists

That's not a yellow page heading, and no Google local results display with the compass icon.

That new google local search will place the potential for a lot of companies to hog the screen with one click of the mouse, and conceal the initial results based on good web page design.

What do you think?


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Yes I used it yesterday with mixed results.

I did a search for 'window tinting' and got several businesses.
I did a search for 'purple martin house' and got a newspaper obituary listing that had 'purple' in it.