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Gooooooolly Sgt. Carter!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by sheppard, Jul 8, 2003.

  1. sheppard

    sheppard LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 542

    Here's one for the 'funny thing happened on the way to a clean up job' list.

    Pull up to a periodic customer's house for a clean up he asked me to do.
    This is a new construction house with lots of mistakes in it. Owners made
    the contracotr do all sorts of things over; had the painters do the job
    again, ect. ect.

    So, pull up at the house and the painters are there...painting the outside
    of the house...low to the ground. I yell out from my truck "That looks wet.


    Come back the next day after having called the customer to tell them I
    wouldn't do the work with wet paint on the house. "Oh...yeah...we forgot
    they were still painting. Fine come tomorrow."

    Well I came the next day and a landscape company was planting stuff and a
    irrigation compnay was also installing pipes.

    Called and informed them (they are living in that same house!) I'd be in the
    area the following day.

    Get there and look at the grass...it's 12" long!!!!

    Oh well. Its a dollar a minute. So I crank up the mowers and go to work. 90
    minutes later I'm done and the painters come up to me and said "Man this
    yard looks great now! Great job!"

    The 'boss' said, "I saw him go over it with two different mowers. Man that
    makes it look good!"

    I explaned to Gomer that since it was so tall and there were some bricks
    under neath the grass I thought it'd be better to hit it with my wb first.
    Then I put my Stander on it and finished the job.

    All in all I was glad to do the job. Had several accounts close by so I
    wasn't bounced all over town. But the home owners have their head screwed on
    wrong...or not at all! I guess coordination is not their thing.

    The owner paged me and asked if I'd trim the over growth area behind the
    'grass'. I said cha ching! "You bet."

    Yard was about a quarter acre and took me 2 hours...$120.00.

  2. rkbrown

    rkbrown LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 533

    Congrats...nice payday sheppard !! :)

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