Goose Problems

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SpartanBill, Jul 23, 2007.

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    I've got a couple lawns in a sub that back up to a pond that are being destroyed by geese(not to mention goose crap everywhere). One homeowner uses a sprinkler with a motion detector with some success. the other wants to try an alligator decoy.

    Does anyone have any other suggestions or remedies.

    Too bad I can't get a "crop damage" hunting permit for them. Goose dinners for everyone.

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    I've heard that Mylar reflective tape works. It's something about the visual effect of the tape as it moves and reflects sunlight that the geese don't like. Rope off the area with the tape that you wish not to have geese, try to get it about their height so they can see it. If it was a home that is isolated from other homes, I'd say propane cannon :)
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    Dogs will take care of them. If the homeowners don't want to have a dog, look to see if someone in your area has a business like this.

    My home is on the bank of a reservoir that at times has thousands of Canadian geese, so they tend to come on my property sometimes, especially in the spring when they mate. I don't have a dog or use a service such as I referenced, but I chase them away as soon as I spot one or two. Been doing it for a couple of decades now, and I seem to be winning. Neighbors with dogs don't have a problem, but some who don't and aren't vigilant about chasing the geese have the same problems your customers do.
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    I heard putting a rope "fence" aroung the pond will prevent the geese from landing, then walking out of the water onto the land. I'm not sure about this but maybe give it a try.

    Take a bunch of 2x2's and drill a hole or two in the top. Pound them in the ground and thread some rope through. Doesn't have to be tight, just go from picket to picket.

    Can't cost more than $40 for a short run to test it.
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    AK47 or a Border Collie :clapping:
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    fireworks will work
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    I'm thinking that is an exaggerated amount. The article stated that they counted 550 birds on one occasion and 700 birds on another occasion. The average dry weight of a goose dropping is around .04 ounces .One bird can poop anywhere from 28 to 92 times a day.So, 0.04 ounces per poop load X 92equals 3.68 ounces of poop per day per bird. 700 birds X 3.68 ounces equals 2,576 ounces of poop each day which factors to 161 pounds of poop per day. It would take way more than double the amount of birds reported to even come close to 400 lbs of poop and thats taking in to consideration that all birds pooped 92 times a day.

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