GooseNeck Vs Bumper Pull

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by whiffyspark, Nov 10, 2013.

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    One of the best post I have ever seen on this forum!
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    Its a $4k process here. Than you have to worry about the "random" dot checks. Higher insurance. Higher registration Weight stations log books etc.

    The government takes enough of my profit as is. I'm not forking over another $10k a year just so I'm "allowed" to do things
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    There are a lot of variables that influence how an unloaded trailer pulls. The 6 ton tag along vibrated the truck pretty badly until I put a tool box full of chains and binders mounted on the front V. Let the air out of the bags and I'm good to go. Went 9 hrs. unloaded with the wife over the summer straight through the mountains in WV - not so good of road too.

    On the other hand, that Alum-line was absolutely terrible unloaded - even on pretty good roads. I couldn't wait to get a load on it. The aluminum structure didn't help it for sure, though it was beefed up in the gooseneck part with steel inside the aluminum.

    Been pulling trailers since 1984 and have only gotten DOT'd once...7 hours away in NC when I went by a scale with my dump trailer. They ran after me and told me to go issues, no fines. I don't often get near the 26k to bother with a CDL.

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